Loan Best Terms

Loans Best conditions

Loans Best conditions

The exact terms are best learned in advance at the bank. The best starting point for this is a faulty cancellation policy. The Dr. Luther offers you the best term loan with a lead time of up to five years. With a modernization loan, homeowners can attractively increase the value of their property. In individual cases best conditions, fast reaction time and settlement

Follow-up financing comparison – determine the best conditions

Follow-up financing comparison - determine the best conditions

If you have come across these pages, it can be assumed that you already have a property and the fixed interest rate expires in the coming years. First of all, the good news is that follow-up financing will pay off more than ever today. This is unlikely to change in the coming weeks as the central bank sticks to its low interest rate policy to stimulate the economy.

The interest rate level for mortgage loans is the lowest. If your interest rate is about to expire, your financing bank has contacted you. A prologue offer is a financing offer submitted to you by your current financing bank shortly before the end of the interest commitment. In the past, one often was happy that the well-known house bank wanted to continue financing its own house, so the comparison in follow-up financing is much greater today.

Therefore, the services of local branches for savings or Vunderbank customers are often insufficiently adequate. The National Bank’s prologue should be offered today (February 2016) in some of the following interest rates: Five years ago, around 2.5 percent would have been paid for a term of five years and almost 4 percent for a term of ten years.

The advantages of these low interest rates are above all the increase in the repayment rate. So far, 3-4% has been paid for interest payments plus 1-2% for loan repayments, it is now possible to declare the repayment rate at 2-4% without paying more funds to the house bank each month. The advantages of the current low-interest phase are obvious: you pay your house faster and therefore have to pay less interest.

Even if you were previously convinced with your financing bank, a Nabdies pays off. Your advantages: You have a dual service offering that is generally better than that of the financing bank. This allows you to contact your house bank and renegotiate the follow-up financing. Tip: If your house bank’s bet is only slightly worse than the one on the net, it’s still a good idea to accept the bid.

Most people prefer local contact, but online offers often can not. Additional expenses in connection with follow-up financing will hardly arise. If you have decided on a new house bank to finance your real estate loan, you only have to pay the new mortgage. If you live with your previous house bank, you will not incur any additional costs.

If you need follow-up financing in a matter of days, you should look at the daily evolution of banks’ interest rates and interest rates. Follow-up financing in 2 years, what to do? Would you like to know now which possibilities of follow-up financing you have, even if your interest obligation expires in two more years? If you are worried that interest rates will rise significantly again in two years, there is now an opportunity to fix interest rates for 2018.

As a rule, you only need a follow-up financing to refinance your dream home. Assuming that the interest rate policy of the EWR will remain low in the coming years, it may also make sense to set interest rates only for a very short period of 5 years in order to keep interest rates as low as possible.

So far it does not seem that interest rates on home equity financing will grow strongly in the coming years.