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Bad Astrofinance Payer? Find out how to get new liquidity, even if reported in the Crif, Experian or CTC database.

Have you been reported in the database on the list of bad Astrofinance payers? Are you having trouble getting loans ? If you are hired as an employee with a permanent or retired contract, we can help you.

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Let’s see now what happens in case of late payment installment Astrofinance, what consequences and what solutions to get a new loan.

Make a loan online: Get your financial freedom today 

” Hi, I’m an Astrofinance customer and I need a car loan. Through the dealership, I made a request, but even changing financial I was rejected. I would like to make an Astrofinance debt consolidation so I could pay a single installment and apply for funding with them in arrears.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I have several defaulting positions and as a result, I receive many calls every day, including those of Astrofinance credit recovery.

Nobody helps me, do you have any advice? I tried to look for the Astrofinance loan, but I can not get over it. If possible give me information on the Astrofinance extract balance ? Is there a form to apply? “

This is the request of one of our clients that for privacy reasons we will call Marco. For several unpaid installments Astrofinance, Marco had difficulty access even for the consolidation of current installments. There is no form and balance Astrofinance, it is sufficient to make a request to the finance company, without a specific document.

Being an employee, even if of a small company, we managed to help Marco; with a converted loan, he got 10,000 euros.

With this liquidity:

  • has negotiated with the Astrofinance credit recovery office one offered a lower amount than the debt
  • with the balance and excerpt, he has extinguished both the loan and the Astrofinance card
  • he managed to buy a used car.

Perhaps Marco did not buy the car of his dreams, but with this solution, with a single installment, he achieved his goal!

Bad Astrofinance Payer: 3 solutions to get a loan

Bad Astrofinance Payer: 3 solutions to get a loan

Are Bad Astrofinance Payer Loans ? Yes, even if reported in the Crif, Experian or CTC database, the possibility of obtaining credit is real. The minimum requirement is to be taken on a permanent or retired contract.

Let’s see immediately what are the 3 loans for bad payers

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

This is the comment of another of our customers:

” I had problems with Astrofinance, I also tried with them to request the assignment of the fifth, but I received a rejection for requirements. I am looking for loan offers, what to do considering that even the payroll loan has been rejected?

Will I be able to solve my problem? The Astrofinance credit recovery service constantly calls me to sort things out, but I do not know where to bang my head. Greetings “

In this case, we evaluated a loan application changed. This loan, dedicated only to employees of private companies, has met the needs of our client. In fact, the requisites for obtaining new liquidity with this loan are different from the transfer of the fifth, that is, it can satisfy requests also for employees hired in companies with less than 16 employees.

Bad Astrofinance Payer: how to manage debt collection

Bad Astrofinance Payer: how to manage debt collection

Have you had any problems with Astrofinance for late payment installment? Astrofinance unpaid installments, what happens? Credit recovery intervenes now.

When a loan is not paid regularly, in the first instance it is in the interest of the finance company to recover the unpaid installments, so in this case, the Astrofinance debt recovery will be activated. When this lasts over time, the institution gives the position to an external debt collection company.

Regardless of any threats or unorthodox methods used, a debt collection company is interested in returning to the position in the shortest possible time. To avoid judicial proceedings, the council is to find a meeting point with this company, evaluating either a repayment plan or an extract offer.

In the second case, if we talk about Astrofinance balance and excerpt, we must take into account that the offer must be made for a sum that is really available. Proposing a figure and not having availability is a way that is not recommended.

The off-peak offer is generally considered to be no less than 40% of the debt transferred by the finance company or bank.

Astrofinance rate not paid what happens

What happens for an Astrofinance installment paid late? The financial institution offers its customers the skip rate, the possibility of not paying the due amount on expiry, in this case avoiding reporting in the database.

Now, given this great opportunity, in the case of late payment of Astrofinance installment, the institute will report to the contracted databases (eg Crif) the non-payment. This means reporting as a bad payer, so asking for new funding will not be that easy.

If we talk about a personal loan, then through repayment of the installments from the current account, in the presence of reports the road is not accessible. When there is a new application for funding, automatically, the system, reading the previous reports, will reject the practice.

As mentioned above, there are still real solutions to obtain new liquidity.

Rata Astrofinance unpaid: why rely on Financemm?

The online loan for bad payers proposed by Financemm is the solution for those who have reported in the database even an Astrofinance installment unpaid or paid late. We are a credit brokerage company regularly registered in the OAM n M359 register.

This loan can be obtained through

  • assignment of the fifth salary or pension.
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

How does it work?

Received your request through the contact form (to protect your creditworthiness, the report will not be sent to Crif), one of our operators will contact you to verify the feasibility of the request. If so, an appointment will be arranged directly at home.

Where do you live? Rome, Milan, Florence, Savona, Turin, Alessandria, Venice, Barletta, Cagliari, Messina, Naples, Terni, Reggio Emilia? Do not worry, we are also present in your city. Our collaborator’s network is active throughout the national territory.

Bad Astrofinance payer? Even if you have already made other requests for loans, immediately evaluate our free estimate. Loans to bad payers allow you to get credit even if with a protestor foreclosure (only to employees and retirees).