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Madonna’s Inn

The Floral Fantasy is one of 110 exaggerated themed rooms.


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When it opened in 1958, the Madonna Inn, in the heart of the San Luis Obispo wine country, had just 12 rooms. Today, there are 110 of them, from budget kings to three-bedroom suites, and each has its own absolutely unique, sometimes cheesy, but very memorable decor.

In the 1950s Fabulous Room, teal walls are framed with pink trim, while gold mirrors form the focal point of the bathroom. In the Victorian Gardens bedroom, a four-poster bed is matched with floral wallpaper, pink walls, and pink velvet armchairs and sofas. And in the Caveman Room, the ceiling, walls, and floors are all crafted from rough-hewn rock, while the furniture is covered in animal prints to complement the prehistoric theme.

Rooms are spread over a 1,000-acre resort, which features basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, a retro gas station (a nod to the hotel’s roots as a stopover). classic trip, although today you will find Tesla superchargers there), a spa, a bakery and several restaurants and bars.

The eclectic decor doesn’t stop in the rooms, either. Alex Madonna’s Gold Rush Steak House is decked out in upside-down pink and gold colors reminiscent of either the Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea or the “Be Our Guest” scene in Beauty and the Beast.. ” Bright pink circular banquettes are trimmed in gold, while a pink floral rug offers punchy designs. An organic tree-shaped candelabra rises in the center of the room, its golden tendrils supporting dozens of electric candles.

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