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“Songs from the bathroom floor”


Catie Turner spends a lot of time in the bathrooms, an experience she wanted to permanently honor and capture for her new performance series launched today, Songs from the bathroom floor. Every Wednesday for the next six weeks, Indie Mixtape is excited to share another cut from the performance series, which finds Turner occupying several different bathrooms for intimate, stripped-down versions of cuts from his catalog.

From the dreaded reverberating tile of a college cloakroom to what appears to be an outbuilding closed separately in a house, Songs from the bathroom floor is a colorful and awe-inspiring collection of songs proves that the washroom has a lot to offer an artist, more than a place to just do your business – or as Turner explains in a music video, a private enclave to mourn.

Check out Turner’s performance of “Play God” above and subscribe to UPROXX Indie Mixtape on YouTube right here to be the first in line for the next one. Songs from the bathroom floor sessions every Wednesday. In the meantime, check out our full series of Indie Mixtape Presents performances, featuring Grouplove, Run River North, and more, here.

Catie Turner is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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Aston Martin inaugurates new Silverstone F1 plant


Formula 1 F1 – Austrian Grand Prix – Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Styria, Austria – July 2, 2021 Lance Stroll of Aston Martin during practice REUTERS / Lisi Niesner / File Photo

LONDON, Sept. 14 (Reuters) – Aston Martin has started work on a new Formula 1 plant and wind tunnel which, according to team owner Lawrence Stroll, reinforces its commitment to the sport and its goal of fighting for them. world championships over the next three to five years.

The Canadian billionaire told reporters that the Silverstone factory and ‘campus’ would cost between £ 150 million and £ 200 million ($ 207 million to $ 276 million) and would be the most durable in Formula 1.

The road installation of the British Grand Prix circuit is expected to be completed by the end of 2022 or early 2023 with a capacity of 1,000 people.

The Norman Foster-designed McLaren headquarters in Woking, which opened in 2004, is the most recent new F1 factory to be built in Britain, but Stroll said his would be very different from that. -this.

“This will be the only one perfectly suited to the goal with the financial settlement (cost cap) taken into account,” said Stroll, whose son Lance drives for the team.

“It shows my confidence in the team, it confirms my ambitions and it confirms my belief in Formula One, because it is also really an investment in Formula One.

“It is a building that will truly represent our image, our culture and our DNA.”

Formula 1 is considering banning wind tunnels for aerodynamic development and testing, but Stroll doubted that would happen and said even if it did, it wouldn’t be until 2030.

“We think it’s a worthwhile investment that will take seven to eight years to be able to use it before a decision is made. Personally, I don’t think the wind tunnels are going to go away,” he said.

Stroll said the Aston Martin road car design team will remain at the British sports car company’s Gaydon site. ($ 1 = 0.7228 pounds)

Reporting by Alan Baldwin, editing by Pritha Sarkar

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Nice design, with kids and animals? Yes, you can have both.


On a given day in the past 20+ years, as I cleaned fur balls from my living room rug, peed on my Saltillo tile, and 2 a.m. threw up another rug, courtesy of a adult dog with an upset stomach – or try stuffing and stitching a torn sofa cushion that a puppy has run wild with – you’ll hear me whine, “That’s why I can’t have nice things . “

Anyone who has lived with pets and, of course, young children, has decorating war stories to share – drawing on the walls, leaky diapers and stained couch cushions, scratched leather chairs, spills, breakups… the list is endless. But neither you nor I need to live without beautiful things, as there are so many ways to include beautiful design that stands up to common household atrocities.

And it’s not just about defensive design. If you live in a household with children and pets, you can also trick your home in a winning way to include the evolving needs of your children, dogs, and cats.

Go for textured hardwood flooring over a smooth covering, explains Raili Clasen of RailiCA Design, who designed this living space. The texture will hide scratched animal nails.

(Karyn Millet)

Raili Clasen of RailiCA Design loves to create high-end, well-designed spaces that integrate the reality of living with children and pets.

“I love making children’s bedrooms and bathrooms,” she said. “The goal is that it truly reflects their personality, as children, as they get older, spend more and more time in their bedrooms. I try to interview them or involve them in the design process, from 5 years old.

But, she admitted, the big obstacle is that they are very different at 5 years old than they will be at 8 and later at, say, 13. So her strategy is not to put anything in. something so permanent that he cannot grow. with them.

“The key to designing spaces for them is to start with neutrals and then all the personality will come with artwork, bedding, rugs, things that can be changed over the years,” he said. -she explains.

The Room & Board Chase Loft Bed is made from powder coated steel that is durable enough to last for years.

The Room & Board Chase Loft Bed is made from powder coated steel that is durable enough to last for years.

(Room and board)

Clasen pointed out a steel loft bed sold by Room & Board which she uses on several occasions for children’s room projects. A mezzanine bunk bed is also available.

“What I love about the loft bed is that it’s customizable,” she said. “You can get it in any color and they’re super easy to repaint or powder repaint. For example, if you have a little girl who wants hot pink and turns into a 16 year old who wants a bohemian white bedroom, this is a very simple solution. And these beds are so strong that they can’t be destroyed like an upholstered bed could be.

Room & Board's Fort bunk beds also feature steel frames available in a range of colors.

Also in powder-coated steel, Room & Board’s Fort bunk beds offer a customizable design – beds are available in a range of colors.

(Room and board)

Designer Traci Taylor from Arise Interiors also takes children into account when designing kitchens, for example.

“When we have clients who have the opportunity to come up with creative solutions, we do things like kick ladders to help kids get to counter level to help cook,” she said. declared.

Like Clasen, Taylor relies on the longevity of materials. Customers with young children sometimes suggest using inexpensive furniture, like Ikea. But Taylor points out that it is likely to be chipped or broken and will need to be replaced after a few years.

“It’s best to use good, high-end hardware for ease of maintenance and longevity. And it’s just a little greener because you don’t redo things all the time.

If you leave your pet on furniture, a washable blanket or slipcover can help protect the fabrics.

If you leave your pet on furniture, a washable blanket or slipcover can help protect your bedding and other fabrics.

(Photo by Molly Rose)

For dogs and cats, there are both cool design solutions that incorporate their needs, as well as defensive solutions that will keep them from ruining your furniture.

Taylor is enthusiastic about small pocket doors that function as premium dog gates.

Instead of a baby gate to keep a pet in or out of a room, there are custom designed pocket doors that are about 30 or 36 inches high that fit in with the rest of the design. home, ”she said.

Taylor built small kennels in the kitchen cabinets that also hold food, leashes, and other pet accessories.

Use fun, colors, patterns and objects for a kids' bathroom - from shower curtains and towels, wallpaper and paint.

Use fun, colors, patterns and objects for a kids’ bathroom – from shower curtains and towels, wallpaper and paint. They can be easily changed as the children grow older. Design by Traci Taylor of Arise Interiors.

(James Bradley Architectural Photography)

If you are pet-friendly on furniture, Clasen suggested using slipcovers on sofas and chairs made from quality indoor / outdoor fabrics from companies like Sunbrella, Perennials, and Crypton. And, she added, she usually uses a blanket because, while the lower cushions can be protected from dirt and liquids, pets like to use the back cushion as well.

“I make a corner throw that can be washed. And it also helps with children, because when the feet go on a sofa, it can get dirty. “

Flooring can be its own challenge when kids and pets are walking around the house. There is currently a great desire among homeowners to have beautiful hardwood floors. If you can’t help it, go for lighter tones – dark wood stains have streaking. And go for textured hardwood, not smooth, Clasen said.

“You can still have your beautiful oak floors, but the texture protects them so that scratches are non-existent,” she explained.

She and Taylor also agree that for a hardwood look without the vulnerability of wood, the quality of vinyl flooring improves – and that’s about a tenth the cost of hardwood.

Steel counters can be perfect for families with children.  They don't stain like granite and are easy to clean.

Steel counters can be perfect for families with children. They don’t stain like granite and are easy to clean. Design by Traci Taylor of Arise Interiors.

(James Bradley Architectural Photography)

Then there are the rugs. They seem to be a magnet for dogs and cats for pee, vomit, and hairballs. And kids can be tough on them too, with spills and dirt. Clasen is a fan of indoor / outdoor rugs, especially for children’s rooms.

“You can literally take them out and sprinkle them with a little OxiClean and dry them,” she said. “Don’t go with thick shag rugs. There are too many things that can get stuck in the stack.

Taylor, who has two young children, buys Ruggable rugs as runners in her kitchen and hallway. The rugs are machine washable, but, she noted, they are very thin, so you have to decide whether you want to get a thin or thick cushion for a more luxurious feel.

“I think the goal of having pet and kid friendly spaces is to create an aesthetic that the owner loves and a space that needs to ‘work well’,” Taylor said.

A foot and pet washing area has a spray nozzle and removable slatted teak mat to help prevent fur from leaking out.

A removable slatted teak rug in this design by Traci Taylor from Arise Interiors helps keep fur from leaking out when bathing dogs – and most of the muddy kids’ grime.

(James Bradley Architectural Photography)

The two designers offered some tips for selecting materials to design your home with children and pets in mind.

  • Tile backsplash behind the toilet: Taylor, who has a 5-year-old son, suggested using tile as a backsplash behind the toilet, instead of just painting, to make it easier to clean up the results of an inaccurate lens.
  • Melamine for lower kitchen cabinets: This same kid also inspired Taylor to use tough melamine instead of stained wood on the lower kitchen cabinets, again for easier cleanup and because it’s more durable. “A tricycle can run into it, and it doesn’t matter,” she said.
  • No matte paint: Clasen advised parents not to use flat paint in rooms where there are children 16 years of age or younger. Instead, go for an eggshell finish, which is washable. Taylor loves Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select interior mat. A matte finish is usually a no-no, but this one is cleanable.
  • Easy-to-wash bedding: For bedding, use cotton, not linen, which absorbs all oil stains, Clasen said. And, while it might seem counterintuitive, she’s a big fan of white bedding because it can be laundered. Patterns can hide stains, but she turns to solids and color overlays or fun pillows. And use a cotton duvet instead of a delicate duvet.
  • Wool and synthetic blends for area rugs: Stay away from thick, long-haired bristles, which trap dirt, food and other grime. The jute is fine, Classen said, but there’s no cleaning up once it’s destroyed. Its advantage is that being less expensive, it is easier to replace. The fabrics she loved for rugs included indoor / outdoor materials, wool and wool blends, synthetic blends, and surprisingly vintage rugs (except in high traffic areas) because, did she says, the more they wear out, the better.
  • Stay away from treated fabrics: Taylor said you want performance fabrics for upholstery that are stain and water resistant, like Crypton or Kravet Smart. But she advised staying away from applied or added treatments because they don’t wear out well.
  • Select sofas and slippery chairs: Clasen not only prefers covers, which can be removed for cleaning, but she also likes to order two sets – even in different tones to change things up while you are washed.
  • Choose stone tops for coffee tables: Wood is beautiful for coffee tables, Clasen said, but not with pets – not even adults, noting issues with scratches and stains. She loved stone tops, like marble and granite, and paired them with a wooden base. Also, she recommended checking out metal tables or something with a metal top.

Golden is a freelance writer and blogger from San Diego.

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Newly Built Homes You Can Buy In Flagstaff | Local


Enjoy life atop the Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club, nestled among the treetops on over an acre of forest with panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks and adjoining the Coconino National Forest. A circular driveway extends its invitation to the landscaped park, which includes flaming maples, Austrian pines and blue spruces. Advanced construction techniques and materials were used to build this ultra-energy efficient house for a sustainable future. The wooden porch features a large bespoke room featuring impressive trellis ceilings, lighted corbels, and a direct-vent stacked stone fireplace with spectacular mountain and city views. The open concept floor plan allows for pleasant natural light and spectacular views from every room. Enjoy life atop the Flagstaff Ranch Golf Club, nestled among the treetops on over an acre of woodland with panoramic views of the San Francisco Peaks and adjoining the Coconino National Forest. A circular driveway extends its invitation to the landscaped park, which includes flaming maples, Austrian pines and blue spruces. Advanced construction techniques and materials were used to build this ultra-energy efficient house for a sustainable future. The wooden porch features a large bespoke room featuring impressive trellis ceilings, lighted corbels, and a direct-vent stacked stone fireplace with spectacular mountain and city views. The open concept floor plan allows for pleasant natural light and spectacular views from every room. The great room’s wood-beamed theme blends into the sleek, casual dining room and chef’s kitchen with a center island, breakfast bar seating accented with classic granite counters and a backsplash. in ancient bricks. The master bedroom is located at the end of the main level for comfortable privacy. The sleek master bathroom has separate men’s and women’s sinks, a hammered copper tub, and an oversized steam shower. The large adjacent walk-in closet is fitted with custom wardrobes. The master guest bedroom also includes separate vanities and an oversized wood-tiled shower. The patio deck has a fireplace, surround sound and breathtaking views of Mount Humphrey and the golf course’s 16th green. The lower level of this extraordinary house offers a dream for the animators with a games room, a personalized bar, a big screen lounge and a wine cellar. For the children, the personalized dormitory with barn door is a hit! The fourth bedroom displays a built-in window seat and shelving, and the adjacent full bathroom is finished with dramatic stone and copper elements. The walkout deck overlooks the vast lower court, golf course, and pétanque / corn hole for afternoons of family fun.

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Newly Built Homes You Can Buy In Hamilton | Local News


This one-level ranch home, built in 2019, is better than the award-winning new builder’s home, with upgrades throughout. Featuring a universal design without a step, wide hallways and doors, a tiled rimless shower and a toilet at a comfortable height; this lovely home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a finished bonus room above the garage. Upon entering you are greeted by a large open concept living room with vaulted ceilings and a gas fireplace. In the chef’s kitchen you will find; Engineered Hickory hardwood floors, granite island and countertops, stainless steel appliances including a 5 burner gas range, dishwasher, microwave and French door refrigerator, large pantry and drawers soft closing. This thoughtful floor plan helps separate the guest bedrooms from the master bedroom. The master bathroom has heated tiled floors and a tiled walk-in shower with two shower heads, as well as direct access to the utility room via the huge walk-in closet. This house also has an oversized 3-car gas heated garage and an additional built-in garden shed. To the rear of the house is a covered and spacious stamped concrete patio, wraparound flower beds, and landscaping with underground sprinklers. Located in the Daly Estates subdivision, close to the Canyons Athletic Club and downtown Hamilton.

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Rose Associates secures $ 182 million in funding to complete mixed-use redevelopment of 440 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains

Updated rendering of 440 Hamilton Avenue – Rose Associates

Rose Associates recently closed a $ 182 million construction financing to redevelop an existing 13-story office building for residential and commercial purposes. The property is located at 440 Hamilton Avenue in White Plains, New York and will eventually include 255 apartments and 3,400 square feet of ground floor retail.

The scope of the development includes the construction of a new seven-story building and six-level parking garage designed to accommodate 575 vehicles. Additional amenity spaces will include an outdoor swimming pool, common lounge areas and a fitness center.

Since it was originally revealed by YIMBY in 2017, the building’s facade no longer features a glass-covered chevron design. A new streamlined design features white and black cementitious materials, floor-to-ceiling windows on the exterior of the downstairs retail component, and a typical perforated window system above for the residential volume.

Previous rendering of 440 Hamilton Avenue

Previous rendering of 440 Hamilton Avenue

Updated rendering of 440 Hamilton Avenue - Rose Associates

Updated rendering of 440 Hamilton Avenue – Rose Associates

The finance package includes a $ 134.51 million senior construction loan from Pacific Western and a $ 47.4 million preferred stock investment from Square Mile Capital for a total injection of $ 181.91 million.

The project team did not reveal an updated construction schedule for the property.

Pre-developed conditions at 440 Hamilton Avenue - LoopNet

Pre-developed conditions at 440 Hamilton Avenue – LoopNet

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Light ‘n Easy Steam Mop is 30% off at Amazon


The products in this story are independently selected and presented in an editorial manner. If you make a purchase using these links, we may earn a commission.

Even after spending an afternoon mopping, it still seems like the floor is still a bit sticky and not completely clean no matter how many times you mop back and forth. Rather than keep pulling out a bulky mop and bucket, it’s worth investing in an easy-to-use steam mop cleaner that’s like hiring a professional, without the added cost.

Amazon shoppers recommend the Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop, which is currently at 30% off. Weighing just 3.5 pounds, the lightweight steam mop is wonderfully easy to use. Simply fill the tank with water and place a washable microfiber pad on the base. After 20 seconds, the steamer heats up and you just have to push it back and forth. Thirty seconds later, the floors will be miraculously dry – no more waiting to walk around the house.

Thanks to a large cleaning surface with a flexible head, the mop not only allows faster cleaning, but it can also reach difficult areas with ease. The steam mop can be used on hardwood floors, tile, laminate, vinyl and carpets. An ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to hold for long cleanings too, and a quick-release cord extends up to 20 feet, giving you ample room to move around the house.

Buy it! Light ‘n’ Easy Steam Mop, $ 57 with coupon (orig. $ 79.99); amazon.com

Nearly 5,000 Amazon shoppers have given the steam mop a five-star rating, noting that it is “cheaper and better than Swiffer” and “half the price of other big brands.” One customer even wrote: “The amount of dirt this picked up was amazing.

“It cleans as well, if not better, than a Swiffer mop, and you don’t have to constantly buy their pads, cleaning solution bottles, or batteries, so it pays for itself pretty quickly,” shares one. five star review. . And although a Swiffer is cordless unlike the Light ‘n Easy Garment Steamer, this review points out that it has a clip at the top that keeps the cord in place and off the floor when in use. So you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way while you are cleaning.

“I’ve always wanted a steam mop but didn’t want to spend too much,” said another buyer. “This steam mop is perfect for the job … I didn’t think my floors were so bad, and the fact that these rags picked up so much dirt … I’m sold!”

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Real estate 8/9/21


Real estate 8/9/21

34 Farragut Road
Refinement and elegance greet you when you enter this magnificent home. This young modern colonial sits at the end of a cul de sac and exceeds exceptional standards for luxury construction. A simple floor plan offers the best for today’s lifestyle. The first level features an amazing new chef’s kitchen with high end appliances and marble counters with floor to ceiling windows and doors covering the back of the house. Two sets of French doors lead to a new bluestone patio with a modern wire railing including a built-in natural gas grill, refrigerator, and a beautifully landscaped yard. You will enjoy working from home in the private office / guest bedroom and en-suite bathroom and entertaining in the spacious formal living room with built-in bar and airy formal dining area. The second level includes a magnificent master suite with two walk-in closets and a luxurious master bathroom with bath, separate shower, two large vanities and a separate sink. Two family bedrooms with a large bathroom plus a third family bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a laundry room complete this level. The lower level features a large open-plan recreation room, perfect for table tennis, a media room, a gym, and a separate bedroom with full bathroom.
Sale price: $ 2,900,000
Appraised value: $ 2,155,663
Property taxes: $ 53,950

207 fox meadow road207 Fox Meadow Road
A gracious double height entrance hall greets you as you enter this beautifully renovated and enlarged Colonial home in a prime Scarsdale location. The first floor features 10 foot ceilings, a formal living room with fireplace, a formal dining room, a powder room, a den / office and an open concept kitchen / family room bathed in light with double height ceiling and Blue stone deck seating – perfect for outdoor entertaining and dining. A bar, pantry and breakfast room complete the first floor. The master suite on the second floor offers a private office / living room / nursery, 2 walk-in closets and a luxurious master bathroom, 5 additional bedrooms (2 ensuite) and a huge playroom. Create a movie studio, gym, office, or other living space on the 998 square foot lower level with a separate bedroom and full bathroom.
Sale price: $ 2,790,000
Appraised value: $ 1,925,000
Property taxes: $ 47,775

42 Graham Road42 Graham Road
Classic Tudor Heathcote. Conveniently located within walking distance of Heathcote Elementary School, Five Corners shops and the Golden Horseshoe shopping center. The first level features an oversized living room / family room with a fireplace and two sets of French doors leading to the patio, a gracious sized dining room, an updated kitchen with plenty of cupboards, granite countertops, a large peninsula for meals and an office space and a recently renovated bathroom. The second level features a spacious master bedroom with a beautiful newly renovated en-suite bathroom, two generously sized bedrooms with a newly renovated bathroom, and a private bedroom with en-suite bathroom. The third floor is perfect as a guest suite or office space, with a bedroom, bonus space and a full bathroom. And on the lower level you will find a finished playroom, a laundry room and plenty of storage.
Sale price: $ 1,550,000
Appraised value: $ 1,400,000
Property taxes: $ 33,306

180 gaylor road180 Gaylor Road
Beautiful sunny Victorian house on a quiet street. Steps away from elementary school, park / play area and commuter bus to Metro North train. Updated kitchen with a central island. Level yard, garage for two cars, more storage. Recent updates include fresh interior and exterior paint (including the deck), refurbished wood floors on all three levels, new gutters, new tiling in two bathrooms and a closed driveway. New flooring installed in the kitchen, lower level and laundry room. Easy going in this well maintained house.
Sale price: $ 1,300,000
Appraised value: $ 1,050,000
Property taxes: $ 26,418

24 Vanderbilt24 Vanderbilt Road
Enter the lobby and you are greeted by a bright living room with an inviting reading nook, perfect for a home working space. The large formal dining room with built-in elements will accommodate diners and guests. You will spend most of your time in the extended kitchen with the perfect adjoining family room with a door leading out to the patio and flat landscaped yard. Go up a few stairs and come to two good sized bedrooms with a bathroom in the hall. Go upstairs to the sanctuary of your private master suite with en-suite bathroom, high ceiling and walk-in closet. The fourth bedroom is currently used as an office and there is additional finished storage space currently configured as a second home office. The lower level is a large playroom and has a separate playroom with a full bathroom. The private backyard with patio is perfect for alfresco dining, playing, lounging or sitting around the fireplace. Amenities include hardwood floors, a 2 car garage and brand new central air conditioning. The lower lever has approximately 350 additional square feet. Conveniently located a short walk from Heathcote school, shops and parks.
Sale price: $ 1,275,000
Appraised value: $ 1,175,000
Property taxes: $ 29,344

61 ride the joy61, avenue du Mont Joy
Located in the most convenient location and accessible to all, this magnificent Tudor in the Edgemont School District is a combination of classic beauty and modern amenities. On the first floor are the living room, dining room, butler’s pantry, modern kitchen that opens onto the private backyard and a powder room. The second floor includes the master suite, two bedrooms, and a Jack-and-Jill bathroom. All the rooms are large for those who like their own oasis. The lower level has a new light and airy bedroom with a full bathroom, perfect for Au Pair / guests / home office away from everyone. The unfinished attic has so much potential. The backyard is flat and private for entertaining and playing. The house has many upgrades: all new triple glazed windows (2021), new air conditioning system (2020), new roof (2020), new furnace (2018), new boiler (2018), new fence all around the house yard (2021). Steps away from schools, commuter buses, shops and restaurants of Central Ave.
Sale Price: $ 999,888
Appraised value: $ 886,000
Property taxes: $ 30,521

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1770 juniper route170 Juniper Road

Scarsdale PO / Edgemont
This completely remodeled contemporary ranch is located in a very private setting, within walking distance of Greenville Elementary School and the Metro North commuter bus. A sun-drenched living room with a fireplace flows harmoniously to the dining room and the kitchen, renovated with maple cabinets and quartz countertops. The kitchen itself opens onto a large patio and a spectacular backyard. Ideal for entertaining! The master bedroom has the updated master bathroom en suite. The hallway bathroom is also tastefully renovated. The ground floor studio / family room, with a separate entrance, presents an elegant space that brings in streams of light through the large windows. The other part of the lower level (not counted 594 square feet) offers multipurpose space and offers many possibilities in addition to the laundry room, utilities and a door to a garage for two cars. This home has been immaculately updated and maintained inside and out. Taxes are subject to grievance (assessed at market value of $ 773,800).
Find out more here.
Registration price: $ 749,900

52 Birchwood Lane52 Birchwood Lane

Hartsdale PO / Greenburgh
Located in the coveted Hartsdale Estates neighborhood, this ranch home, with over 0.65 acres in level, offers easy one-story living at its best. The living room has a wood fireplace. The kitchen has maple cabinets and granite counters and flows easily into the dining area. The sliding door opens onto the expansive deck overlooking Hart’s Brook Park which features 170 acres of woods, trails, ponds and streams. The vaulted ceiling family room, with a wall of cathedral windows, showcases the natural beauty of the property, captivating the idyllic setting inside and out. Hardwood floors throughout. Bedroom, adjoining double garage. A huge finished basement with an access door to the backyard. This ranch is an easy walk to Ridge Road Park and Hart’s Brook Park. This gorgeous home is minutes from Metro North Station, Greenburgh Recreation with Pool and Tennis, schools, restaurants and shopping. The commuter bus for the railroad is around the corner. Natural gas, sewer and municipal water.
Find out more here.
Registration price: $ 710,000

Open doors
7 Courtyard of the Hill of Pines7 Court of the Colline des Pins

Briarcliff Manor
Doors open Sunday, Sept 12, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Rare opportunity in one of the most coveted and sought after areas of the prestigious Briarcliff Manor School District. Enjoy spacious and bright rooms nestled in a quiet secluded private cul-de-sac. The two story entrance leads into the formal living / dining room front to back, with a tray ceiling, private terrace. Family room, wood-burning fireplace / built-in, kitchen / terrace renovated for barbecues, dining room, relaxation around the fireplace in a private and peaceful setting surrounded by majestic pines. Perfect for both casual living and easy entertaining. Cloakroom, laundry room, spacious garage. All bedrooms are generous in size. Hardwood floors throughout. Exterior cladding, terraces, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, cloakroom, laundry room all freshly painted. Wonderful sprawling level lawn / great room for soccer practice / fun celebrations. Ideally and close to village shops, restaurants, Law park / swimming pool, tennis, paddle ball, playground, library, hiking and cycling trails. Also accessible in Millwood, Chappaqua, Pleasantville. Offers buses to schools.
Learn more here.
Registration price: $ 989,000

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Repair work to resume “short” – NBC Bay Area


Millennium Tower officials assure residents working on the ailing ‘fix’ of the leaning skyscraper that they will restart soon, after project engineers fine-tune construction methods to prevent sinking and tilting. accelerated future of the luxury skyscraper.

In a notice distributed over the Labor Day weekend, the Millennium Tower CEO informs residents of the status of the currently stalled perimeter pile upgrade project – a 22-month effort and 100 million dollars to install new piles on bedrock along both sides, sagging and tilting the most.

“We have been assured that the building remains safe and we anticipate that construction with some modifications, coupled with daily monitoring, will resume shortly,” tower general manager James Zaratin said in the September 5 bulletin.

Zaratin explained that the recently accelerated sinking “came to a halt almost immediately after construction stopped” last month. The current rate is equivalent to the rate before the start of the work, specifies the notice.

In early August, part of the project was halted to help understand what was causing the building to sink much faster than before work began in May. But the tower continued to sink and tilt more dramatically as crews focused on the drilling needed to install two-foot-wide casing to bedrock.

All work was officially halted on August 23, after monitoring data showed that in the three months since May, the building had sagged an inch and moved an additional five inches in the Mountain peak. Currently, the tower leans 22 inches towards Fremont Street.

Fix engineers told city officials that part of the problem is that the holes drilled by crews to install piles in the bedrock were slightly too big. Experts say the surrounding soil likely shifted to fill the void created between the oversized hole and the pile. This “lost ground,” they say, has likely destabilized the earth supporting the existing foundation.

Zaratin assured residents that they are working with repair engineers and the city’s engineering design review committee to refine drilling methods to minimize soil disturbance.

But San Francisco supervisor Aaron Peskin is skeptical. He said on Wednesday he would summon experts to assess the building’s critical situation during the still unscheduled hearing he called on Tuesday.

“There is a lot under this rock and I’m about to shed some light on it,” Peskin said, adding that he no longer trusted the current technical review committee. It was this panel that vouched for the patch in 2019 and continued to support the efforts of the patch team.

“I’m afraid they’re revising their own work,” Peskin said of the review board. “We need independent third-party oversight. “
Peskin said he wanted to hear from these outside experts before work resumes.

One of the experts the city has relied on in the past – but ignored in the case of the Millennium Tower repair – is veteran geotechnical engineer Robert Pyke.

“The comprehensive solution that they are engaged in is the problem – it is not a satisfactory solution for the long term condition,” Pyke told our investigation unit.

Pyke was among three engineers who objected to the proposed fix in July 2019. Although records show that the technical review committee was made aware of these concerns, he approved the draft fix a month later without direct consultation. the engineers who raised them.

“At a minimum, I thought the city’s building inspection department or the (technical review) committee would want to talk to me,” Pyke recalls. “I just got blown away.”

So far, this design review group has expressed full confidence in the work of the repair team. Meanwhile, the city has yet to release data collected since mid-August. Data that could confirm what the association has told residents about the building’s reduced sag rate since the suspension of pile installation work.

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Supra shoe founder lists $ 2.9 million house that once belonged to Anna Faris


Angel Cabada, founder of Supra shoes designed for skateboarders, sells his Los Angeles home for a listing price of $ 2.9 million. It was once owned by actress Anna Faris.

Cabada’s sneakers appeal to far more than skaters, with relaxed styles and trendy designs that have garnered praise and disrupted the market. Supra even has a Justin Bieber collection.

Faris has appeared in many successful films, from the “Scary Movie” franchise to “Brokeback Mountain”. She is married to cinematographer Michael Barrett and was previously married to actor Chris Pratt.

The 2,132 square foot home nestled in the hills of Nichols Canyon has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, and its two large decks offer “magnificent views of the city and the canyon” according to the SEO by Adam Ouf and Aaron Kirman of the Aaron Kirman group at Compass.


Angel Cabada Anna Faris

The house offers views of the canyon and the city of LA (Juwan)

The fully remodeled 1980s home also features a gorgeous loft with a queen-size guest bed, open office space, picnic area, gym, and photo studio. An approved 420 square foot additional accessory living unit with a separate entrance, full bathroom and kitchen has been drafted and permits are expected in the coming weeks with blueprints and plans available upon request.

Angel Cabada Anna Faris

Kitchen has Viking appliances with double ovens and a Sub-Zero refrigerator (Juwan)

There are 18 foot ceilings at the entrance to the house, with ample space for entertaining. For pet owners, the property is also equipped for fur babies with enclosed indoor and outdoor dog suites as well as a secure dog park. The kitchen is fitted with all Viking appliances with double ovens and a cafe style seating area. The master suite has its own floor with a large private observation deck.


Angel Cabada Anna Faris

The master bathroom has a vintage claw-foot tub and oversized rainfall shower leading to a walk-in closet and walk-in closet.

The master bathroom has a vintage freestanding tub and oversized rainfall shower, and the spa-style bedroom opens to an oversized walk-in closet with additional built-in shoe racks leading to a walk-in closet. A laundry area is just around the corner.


The outer hill has solar powerlighted steps leading to a grated picnic area.

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