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An elegant residence in the middle of a haven of greenery in Karunagapally | lifestyle decor

Vinod Vijayanandan and his family thought of building a brand new home when the limited facilities at their old home in Karunagapally in Kerala were not suitable for modern times. This old structure was then demolished to build a fabulous dwelling that exudes class.

The family did not know whether to cut down the three huge mango trees that stand in front of the house. The designers indicated that the trees would permanently block the view of the elevation if they were retained. However, the family members, who were emotionally attached to the large old trees, decided to keep them, even though it blocked the view of the house. Thus, the structure was also designed to adapt to the position of the trees.

As Vinod likes darker shades, the walls of the house are mostly in such colors. A red texture paint was used on the grove patterns to add a laterite stone feel to the elevation and compound walls. Interestingly, these look exactly like a laterite stone revetment.

The front yard has been paved with natural stones and grass in alternating layers. The car porch, on the other hand, is built separately in the detached style. The GI lattice roof adds chic style to the car porch.

Designed over 2700 square feet, this stunning abode features a living room area, formal and family living areas, a dining area, a kitchen with a work area, and three bedrooms downstairs. Meanwhile, there is a bedroom, a home cinema and a balcony on the upper floor.

A lake flows behind the house. Thus, the windows have been well positioned to receive the cool breeze from the lake.

The interiors are designed in an open style. Plus, it makes the area look and feel spacious. The formal living room is arranged on the left side of the front door. Sleek sofas with bright blue upholstery add vibrant charm to this area. Meanwhile, sofas in resin finish were used in the family living room.

Wooden finishing tiles have been used for the flooring in the common areas. Meanwhile, furniture is custom made to fit the unique theme of the home.

A quaint breakfast counter has been set up in the detached style just behind the family lounge. Usually, breakfast counters are arranged as part of the pantry kitchen. However, in this home, the perfectly positioned counter could also be used as a cozy study space.

The dining room is just behind this counter. The pantry kitchen is also adjacent to this area. The simple dining table set has a bench on one side. Meanwhile, the wall next to the dining area is highlighted with brick texture paint. Interestingly, the washing area is arranged here, adding an attractive contrast to the red wall.

The ceiling above the dining room is designed in a wood finish to separate this area. Wood varnish was used on the gypsum ceiling to design this feature.

The kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are made of marine plywood with a mica laminate finish. Granite has been paved over the counter, adding a clean look.

The rooms are designed in unique themes. The side walls of the head are highlighted in brightly colored upholstery. The kids room wallpaper features fabulous graphic work featuring Spider-Man. The bedrooms adjoining the bath also have cupboards for storage and study tables.

The home theater boasts of all modern facilities including Dolby sound quality. An attractive feature is the gorgeous balcony which offers a mesmerizing view of the front yard and the landscape. Meanwhile, a silver plant adds a touch of greenery here.

There is an exhibition wall built of laterite stones at the back of the house. This helps give a rustic charm to the area.

Vinod, an expat, thanks his wife for overseeing the construction of the house. Moreover, he feels lucky to have had a team of efficient designers and workers. Vinod followed the construction mainly via WhatsApp. The family moved into their dream home in April this year. They feel pride and joy when their friends and loved ones praise their splendid home.


Location – Karunagappally, Kollam

Land – 18 cents

Area – 2700 SFT

Owner – Vinod Vijayanandan and Subi

Designers – Arun Kumar and Ajay K Rajan

Living Refuge, Thodupuzha

Crowd – 9961313831, 9447764807

Completion year – April 2022

Photos: Manu Jose Photography