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As I climb up and down the cobbled alley, less than drunk but definitely defeated after a sip of the local saunfi, this whole place is vaguely reminiscent of an old European town, although you probably won’t find any Christmas taverns or film crews here.

And that’s because Araiya, Palampur’s last resort, stretches across the most serene corner of the Kangra Valley. Here the mountain dogs stick their snouts in your pajama pockets and the beneficent Dhauladhars watch over you like towering grandfathers. I already dream of settling in one of those seats by the window of the all-day restaurant and digging into the sumptuous breakfast.

In the evening, sipping the Neugal Flow cocktail and admiring the darkening forest on the distant hill, you will almost forget that you are at a resort where your every request has been met. Even if all you do is step from your cozy suite to the spa and bar – namely the old fox – and back again, you will know Palampur.

And if your bubble is bigger than that, Sandeep, the manager, will quickly organize a day of coffee in Dharamkot and Bir or a peaceful walk through the village (both courtesy of the very knowledgeable Exsul Travel team. ). A few months ago, Bollywood couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor and their son Taimur were here for an extended family vacation. Yes, that was just as the media went crazy after seeing them strolling quietly in Dharamsala.

Amruda Nair, Director, Araiya Hotels and Resorts

The accommodation options (deluxe rooms, deluxe and executive suites and duplex suites) are synonymous with luxury, the only pandemic here is joie de vivre – to be broadcast among friends, family and colleagues, thanks to the superb banquet options. available. Hope I will be back in better times, when I can stand in the pool and look out over the hills.

“The most popular Instagram photos of our guests, however, appear to be those taken from the bedroom balconies! The outdoor pool on the bar terrace comes right next. Many walks can be taken from the resort as the lawns lead right into the area. forest. A short 20 minute hike leads to a beautiful flat area surrounded by rhododendrons, which is a perfect place for meditation or even bird watching, ”Amruda Nair, manager – Araiya Hotels and Resorts tells me.

One of the best things about Araiya is the free mix of the great outdoors and the resort itself. It’s sort of an open floor plan with accommodation options spread over multiple levels and plenty of walks and climbs. Amruda shares, “We have catered for single women who wish to experience the outdoors with hiking and paragliding as well as families who do not want to leave the resort and prefer to bond in our spacious lounges and are happy to have tea in gardens or bonfires at night, ”adds Amruda.

The lobby exudes elegance and a modern sense of royalty

The Araiya brand has always been at the forefront of sustainable operations and design and these elements were developed with the launch of Araiya Palampur. The developers were aware of using local materials and constructed the structure using stone from the current site. This not only reduced the carbon footprint by limiting transportation needs, but also reduced construction waste.

We were the first to introduce organic vegan, paraben and sulfate free products with dispensers to reduce the amount of single use plastic. We have our own bottling plant in the complex so that guests can drink filtered spring water which is served in glass bottles, sanitized and filled. We also sort and compost waste at the resort.

With two new resorts under development in Gujarat and Kerala, we are creating boutique and lifestyle destinations that are unique in their offerings. Araiya Calicut is a heritage and Ayurveda-focused resort, while our hotel in Ahmedabad is a luxury golf resort located on a 270-acre estate. Araiya as a brand is distinguished by our unique locations, integrated technology focused on higher customer engagement and sustainable design.


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