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ArtCenter opens state-of-the-art tool shed and fabrication lab – Pasadena Now

908 Shops, a new facility at the ArtCenter College of Design slated for completion in the fall of 2023, will provide ArtCenter students with a host of state-of-the-art manufacturing tools on the South Campus property at 908 S. Raymond Ave., between California Blvd. and Glenarm St., in Pasadena.

The all-new, expanded indoor and outdoor space will allow students to create larger projects, large-scale art structures, large-scale car models, and furniture.

The entire structure is pre-engineered and will help reduce costs and save time, said David Cawley, director of model stores and 3D labs at ArtCenter.

“I think we can get a pre-fab building much cheaper than what we can build from scratch,” Cawley said. “The other thing is that it’s going to give us the opportunity to finish this project a little bit faster. We will also customize it. It won’t be just one big box. It’s going to have a lot of custom features. There’s going to be a lot of glass and light in the building, a lot of glass inside, so we can see projects being created and we can see equipment and different groups can kind of interact and see what’s going on happens around stores.

The cost of the 908 Shops project is funded by tax-exempt bonds issued by the College through the California Educational Facilities Authority, according to a statement from ArtCenter.

With metal framing and metal panel cladding from recycled content, the building’s total enclosed space measures 18,560 square feet, with an additional 1,316 square feet of covered outdoor workspace and a 5,019 square foot yard. .

908 stores will include a 5,000 square foot mezzanine for instructional and lab classes, and the ground floor will house industrial workspaces where students can produce work in any medium. Students will learn to operate professional equipment in spaces including a carpentry shop, composite room, foam room, multiple paint booths, metal/welding room, and a room containing a five-axis milling machine for make complex shapes.

“We want our students to experience what they are going to experience when they enter the industry, the types of equipment they are going to use and the type of technology that is used in the industry,” added Cawley. “We try to keep pace with the industry if we can. We’d like to keep a bit ahead of the game so our students have the benefit of saying we have the latest types of equipment, 3D printers or scanners or whatever. We want everyone to know that ArtCenter is cutting edge.

In the past, ArtCenter students, after designing their projects, had to go off campus and have someone else do the manufacturing process. With the new 908 stores, Cawley said ArtCenter will have both traditional store equipment and a better opportunity to experiment with different equipment and ideas and share them with the industry.

The new 908 Shops Building is the first construction project on ArtCenter’s South Campus following the repurposing of three existing buildings – the 950 S. Raymond Building, the renovated Old U.S. Postal Service Building at 870 S. Raymond, and the 1111 S. Arroyo Parkway Office Building (the former headquarters of Jacobs Engineering) – for student use.

Since the construction site is located on the historic lands of the Native American Gabrieleño Tribe, ArtCenter has worked with tribal officials to monitor the excavation and protect any artifacts that may be uncovered during construction.

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