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Benoit Jones’ Soft Ground Tunnel Design publication now available


Dr Benedict Jones of Inbye Engineering Limited in the UK has written a manual titled “Soft ground tunnel design”. It was released on 11e November 2021 by CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group. It is available as an eBook or in print at: https://www.routledge.com/Soft-Ground-Tunnel-Design/Jones/p/book/9781482254679

This is the very first comprehensive manual on the design of loose soil tunnels. The target audience is master’s students, graduate engineers, and experienced engineers new to loose soil tunnels, but even for experienced tunnel design experts there will be things that are new or interesting and for which this will be a useful reference book, a compilation of methods and a summary of the state of the art.

Each chapter begins with an introduction that lays out the learning points, i.e. what the reader is going to understand and go to be able to do after reading the chapter. Throughout the book there are many worked examples that go through the calculation steps and problems at the end of each chapter to practice and consolidate the learning.

The three main topics are stability, prediction of ground movements and the structural design of the tunnel lining. These themes are the key to understanding the operation of tunnels and are the basis for the choice of construction method and type of coating. The reader is guided through the basic principles of soil-structure interaction, the three-dimensional effects of the construction sequence, and the effects of construction on other structures, in stages of increasing complexity, from basic principles to construction. sophisticated design. As calculations become more complex, it is increasingly important that they remain based on a thorough understanding of the behavior of real tunnels. For this reason, the very first chapter begins with case studies of the actual behavior of a tunnel, to provide a conceptual framework of what happens to the tunnel lining and what happens in the ground around a tunnel. terms of displacements, stresses and strains.

The book also clearly presents all of the most commonly used design methods, taking them step by step from first principles. In the original articles, there are often missing steps in the derivations, missing information, implicit assumptions that are not explained, and even errors. It is alarming how many times these errors have been inherited, used and circulated over the years. In this book they are presented transparently and correctly in an easy to follow manner.

Dr Benoît Jones has worked as a designer, researcher, entrepreneur, scholar, teacher, inventor and consultant. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Managing Director of Inbye Engineering, a technology and consulting company he founded in 2014. He is the author of over 60 articles and articles. He won the ICE Telford Premium Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Civil Engineering Conference, as well as two NCE Tunneling Awards, an ITA Austria Innovation Prize and an ITA Award.

From 2011 to 2014, Benoît created and directed the MSc in Tunneling and Underground Space at the University of Warwick. In doing so, he discovered that there was no comprehensive textbook available on loose soil tunnel design, so he had to synthesize the literature and his own experience to find the best ways to present this topic to his students. . In recent years, these educational materials have been developed and improved in this book.

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