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Best places to clean in PowerWash Simulator

On a hot day, what better way to spend it than a pressure wash. This is the fantasy you will be engaged in while playing PowerWash Simulator, developed by FuturLab. Another entry into the popular simulation game subgenre, PowerWash Simulator puts you in charge of the aptly named Dirtfinder whose mission is to clean up a plethora of seriously dirty things in the name of living an honest life.

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While deep cleaning your jet cleaning career, you will find yourself in all sorts of places. These environments, along with the squeaky-clean things you’ll do, are designed to enhance the tranquil experience that always prevails as you cut through soot, mud, rust and other foul-smelling substances with a range of equipment from jet wash. And here are the locations that aim to make your jet washer fantasy as satisfying as possible.


ten Walnut Street, rear garden

An early location will see you driving south into a rather dirty back garden. It’s the perfect place to make the demanding but satisfying task of cleaning up Muckingham, the fictional town in which the game takes place, easier for you.

The garden has a nice variety of scouring objects, including a shed, a swing, a toy car and a pond. Cleaning these is all the more satisfying in the familiar, relaxing setting of the garden – with the chirping of birds. Blessed.

9 Muckingham Playground

One of the first truly intimidating places, the Dirty Playground is full of nooks and crannies, especially when it comes to tackling the adventure climbing setting. However, the satisfaction factor becomes happily apparent once the job is done.

The multicolored floor explodes with vibrancy, and you’ll just want to spend some well-deserved playtime sliding down the adorable stegosaurus slide. There’s even a soccer ball to explode – try to get it up the slide.

8 Avenue Arcadie, Detached House

There’s always something intriguing about horror-inspired levels in non-horror video games. They catch you off guard and become memorable. The spooky detached house is the closet that PowerWash Simulator manages to showcase on such a level.

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This gothic-looking house is etched with eerie symbols, and rumors of a ghost are detailed in text messages, the game’s narrative device. Banishing dirt from the big house is satisfying among fans who like a bit of mystery in their fantastic Power Wash video games. Don’t be too discouraged when paranormal activity turns out to be purely circumstantial.

Who doesn’t find joy at the carnival? Roll, roll and spray a cack covered carousel. This complex work is a great challenge, all the more difficult as the carousel is constantly rotating.

The carousel dazzles as all its details become clear. And if the rotation makes you dizzy, you can turn it off for a more relaxing cleanse. The fairground location itself is a bit sparse, but you can knock over coconuts with a well-directed squirt.

6 Garage of the house

A recurring place is your own garage, a home comfort. Some jobs will swap out the grimy structures for a smaller, but equally grimy, form of transportation. A golf cart, a motorcycle, and even a rusty Penny Farthing will all need to be pressure washed to clean.

The vehicles are a nice change of pace from the larger locations, which can take several hours. Sometimes the only thing you need to clean up in your garage is a muddy dirt bike. And since those jobs are faster, it could net you the funds you need fast for those all-important pressure washer upgrades!

5 Abandoned toilets

Not the most glamorous of places but certainly satisfying to wash. Looks like these toilets haven’t seen a living in years, and before you soap them up in cleaner tomorrow, watch the graffiti scrawled inside the forgotten stalls.

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When you’re ready to start, you’ll be removing dirt from ceramic sinks and old-fashioned tiles. In fact, tiles are probably the most satisfying surfaces, with developers making them really shiny. Just try not to think too much about what you’re actually cleaning on those floors.

4 Subway station

It can be inferred from the light-hearted account that the filth found in the subway station is over thirty years old. It’s covered in all sorts of nasty stuff, including oil, one of the hardest things to clean. However, it’s still no match for the Dirtfinder General and a steady hand.

What makes this place rewarding to glean is the large tiled floor that makes up the platform. These tiles will look so good you’ll want to eat your dinner on them. And then eat the tiles themselves. It’s a huge job to do and really puts you in the Zen zone.

3 National park, tree house

At the heart of Muckingham National Park is a beautifully designed tree house, or rather a tree house. Complete with oak spiral staircases and a miniature obstacle course, this is the home of a hunter who is obsessed with trying to catch a glimpse of the legendary Bigfoot.

Cleaning up the treehouse is hard work, but something about being in a forest makes it pleasantly tolerable. A waterfall serves as a backdrop for the eyes, and the sound of rustling leaves provides a trance-like feel to the cleanse. Or was it the sound of Bigfoot watching intently from the hedge?

2 Surface of Mars

In space, no one can hear you cleaning. Your job as the ultimate pressure washer isn’t just confined within Earth’s atmospheric walls. A contract will have you traveling across the galaxy to clean up a Mars rover on Mars.

Fittingly, the muted sounds and altered gravity are a welcome change from the norm. The only things you’ll beautify are a rover and a mystery hatch, both of which are covered in space dust. The clever use of environmental storytelling in the form of little alien footprints adds a nice dynamic to the work.

1 Muckingham Castle Mini Putt

There really should be more mini golf video games. There really should be a mini golf video game where putters are replaced with jet pucks. And until that happens, the castle’s mini-putt location has you covered, making it one of the most satisfying locations in the game.

Not only can you lose yourself in the daunting task of clearing the entire course, which is both extremely complex and incredibly satisfying (those Astroturf floors will make you shiver), but you can also try playing the 9-hole course . Except don’t expect to run golf balls over ramps or into the dragon.

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