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Camila Alves, wife of Matthew McConaughey, explains how a fashion mishap led to a neck brace

Not all fashion statements are kind to the wearer. But if you’ve ever shopped in the women’s section, you probably already know that. For Camila Alves McConaughey, a recent style choice resulted in an actual injury, and she’s got a neck brace and PSA to remind other fashionistas to be careful.

The Brazilian model, designer, author and wife of Matthew McConaughey recently opened up about an unfortunate incident that happened because of the clothes she was wearing. As she said:

Shit ** It happens, I’m fine but… Don’t fall people… don’t fall… Ladies, pull up your long dresses or lose your pants when you come down the stairs!! the wind blew mine as I was in the air, the fabric of the pants wrapped around my shoe and on the floor I went… Stupid fall, turned into a not-so-stupid neck situation, recovery time coming…

Oof, that looks like a pesky fall! Alves McConaughey took instagram to share a selfie of herself in the neck brace with the aforementioned caption. The text was in both English and Portuguese – you know, so more people could learn from her own fashion mishap. Check it out:

In the comments to the post, many other celebrities shared their sympathy for Camila Alves McConaughey in the comments section. Isla Fisher shared her support, saying she was “still beautiful” despite the fall, while Rita Wilson said “Oh no!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry!” Plus, Olivia Munn sent the model a ton of hearts.

Camila Alves first met Matthew McConaughey in 2006, when the Hollywood actor struck up a conversation with her at a Los Angeles bar, initially in Spanish, not knowing she was Brazilian, as he once did. recalled on Red table discussion. They have been together for sixteen years and recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in June. The couple have three children together, Levi, 14, Vida, 12 and Livingston, 9. the last they hosted in December 2012.

Certainly, following the injury, the model is in good hands with her family, who have resided in Texas since 2020 following years in Los Angeles and watched by the paparazzi in front of their door. The McConaugheys are part of a popular wave of famous families leaving Hollywood lately moving to other places for more day to day privacy.

Amid Camila Alves McConaughey dealing with her ‘stupid neck situation’ there have been happier occasions for the family as recently her husband celebrated his 53rd birthday with a special birthday breakfast, which was an indulgence in Fruity Pebbles. The actor has been relatively out of the limelight with no upcoming movies, especially after his football movie based on a true story was dropped. Matthew’s most recent film was the animated musical Sing 2which can be streamed with a Netflix subscription. The couple recently became authors, between the memoir of Matthew in 2020 Green light and Camila’s 2022 children’s book Just try one bite.

As the two continue their work, let’s hope Camila Alves McConaughey recovers quickly. And in the wake of his injury, I’m sure many of us will question our long, flowing outfits the next time we’re on a flight of stairs.