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Children give their opinion on plans for the new MLK recreation center


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – The community of Glenwood is getting closer to a new and improved Martin Luther King Jr. recreation center.

Panama City hosted a youth cart alongside a fall festival to get kids’ input on what they want to be included in the new recreation center.

The kids completed a survey detailing the amenities they want to see in the new building design in return for a plate of food and the chance to win prizes.

“Since this carries a lot of weight in our community, it is very important that our children have a say in their future,” said youth charrette host, Journey Venible. “If the city isn’t listening to our present, then it has to listen to our children’s future as to what they want to put in the recreation center for them to be most successful.”

Some of the features on offer include a basketball court, wading pool, climbing structure, and gardens to name a few.

“What we’re trying to achieve is the best recreation center that will be used by the community, not just the Glenwood community,” said Gregory Dossie of the Student Advocacy Center. “We want a top notch, you know, 21st, 22nd century building going from zero to the future. “

Panama City Director of Quality of Life Sean DePalma said plans have changed and the building will now be designed and built from the ground up.

“As we go through this design and engineering process, we found that it would be much more feasible and give us a better opportunity to rebuild a better recreation center by building from scratch and not renovating the current building. “said DePalma. “We’re going to give it new meaning on a new footprint in the same area and a whole new building wholesale.”

Depalma said the design phase is expected to be completed in early January and the city will then award contracts around February or March.

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