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Clé Tile’s New Mythology Collection Wants You To Rethink The Traditional Checkerboard

Over the past few years, we’ve seen checkerboard prints on seemingly every surface: fabrics, floors, furniture, and more. Usually when you picture the pattern you imagine two different colored squares, but Clé Tile’s new Cinema Collection: Mythology (available now) makes the case for adding a third shade into the mix to change up the traditional look. In images promoting the fresh color palette, which spans 70 hues (34 of which are brand new), the tile maker encourages remodelers to think outside the box when planning their layouts. To kickstart your inspiration, we highlight three unique combinations that take cement squares beyond the chessboard, starting with a botanical take.

The power of the flowers

Courtesy of Key Tile

Using a third color in the center of each block of nine tiles creates an almost floral appearance. Go for moody browns and terracottas like Clé did, or keep the white “petals” for a daisy-like refresh.

brown, red and yellow flower tile pattern.
Courtesy of Key Tile

Staggered start

living room with brown and white tiles
Courtesy of Key Tile Key Tile

Instead of swapping shades every two squares, alternate the starting shade on each horizontal row for tri-color control.

strips of tricolor staggered tiles.
Courtesy of Key Tile

Stick with stripes

child's bedroom with green and blue striped tile floor.
Courtesy of Key Tile

Checks not your thing? Go for solid color lines for a striped floor or backsplash. Avoid neutral tones in order to pack a real punch.

tiled floor with white, green and gray stripes.
Courtesy of Key Tile