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Cleaning: Ms Hinch fans share ‘incredible’ tips for leaving the floor non-sticky

Ms Hinch is a cleaning influencer with over four million followers on Instagram. She rose to fame after sharing her best cleaning tips and tricks with other cleaning enthusiasts, creating a community of cleaning enthusiasts.

Ms Hinch is so popular that her fans have created Facebook pages in her honor.

On a Facebook page, with more than 600,000 followers, a Ms Hinch fan wanted to know how to clean her floors.

Sophie T-Law wrote: “I currently use this on our floors but it leaves them sticky. Is there anything else I can use daily that doesn’t leave the floor sticky? We use it in a spray mop.

The product Sophie was referring to was Flash’s Wood Floor Cleaner.

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Elizabeth Pope advised: “Method cleanser smells great. I take the rhubarb one.

Zoe Crofts also recommended this product. She wrote: “Method Floor Cleaner is excellent.”

Ashling Fay said, “Depending on the floors, I just use very hot water and a little bleach, and Zoflora smells great.”

Tracy Stone wrote: “I use Method Wood Floor Cleaner. Don’t leave it sticky, you don’t need much.

Nikki Jackson said: “I think mopping is your problem. It should be used in a bucket of lukewarm water.

Jacky Dca recommended using Flash but adding a basic household product. She said, “I use Flash soil with baking soda. It smells good too.

Keeley Jolliffe wrote: “I just use hot water to wash my floor. Leaves no residue. I have porcelain tiles in my kitchen and it lets them shine.

Julie Lee added that the best solution is “lemon juice and baking soda in water”.