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Coles shopper turns tiles with laundry powder grout cleaning hack


A Melbourne woman shocked Facebook users after revealing the inexpensive and unlikely item she was using to remove dirt from her tiles.

A woman has created a huge buzz online after revealing the unlikely supermarket item she was using to transform her laundry tiles.

Speaking to the popular Facebook group – Cleaning & Organizing Inspiration Australia – the Melbourne woman explained that she uses OMO active laundry detergent to help remove dirt and grime between her tiles.

She grabbed the Coles special for $ 10. Woolies is also stocking the product for $ 11.

“I just used two spoons of omo and a bucket of hot water and a Woolworths scrub brush – that’s it,” she said in the comments section of her article.

“It was done very easily. I was so surprised.

“I tried to pour a generous amount of it over the grout to soak it, but then I have to kneel down to scrub it, which is not ideal as my knees are wet, so I come to step back. “

She opted for the Sabco Big Scrub Brush for $ 4.95 from Woolies, adding that it helps with firm bristles.

“I had a softer brush to fit in near the cupboards.”

After many asked her if she let the product soak on the tiles, the woman said she just put the powder in the bucket, soaked the brush in it, and immediately started scrubbing.

“I used Radiant but it was too frothy, I thought,” she said.

She explained that the whole process took her about 40 minutes.

“I then cleaned the floor with a floor cleaner to remove any Omo residue so it wasn’t slippery,” she said.

Hundreds of cleaning enthusiasts have since bombarded his post, shocked at his cheap cleaning solution.

“I’ll try tomorrow. It’s a hack that saves lives. God bless you, ”one woman joked.

“It’s a bad result,” said another.

“STOP! It’s amazing,” added a third person, while a fourth person was blown away by the before and after shots.

“What a big difference, great job,” they wrote.

Originally posted as a $ 10 Woman’s Solution to the Annoying Tile Problem


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