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Company Creates Floor Tiles That Turn Footsteps Into Electricity

Pavegen is a company that manufactures revolutionary floor tiles capable of capturing and storing energy. The tiles capture the kinetic energy of footsteps and turn it into renewable energy, and they have already been installed around the world.

Source: Pavegen/Youtube

Laurence Kemball-Cook, the founder and CEO of Pavegen, first came up with the idea when he was trying to find a way to power streetlights with solar and wind power. The city was very shady and he began to wonder how he could use the busy streets of the city to his advantage.

Pavegen has been installed in over 38 countries and has recorded over half a billion steps on its tiles. A single step can generate up to seven watts of electricity! They are currently found in airports, busy cities and train stations, and they even plan to install them outside the White House.

Source: Pavegen/Youtube

Not only do the tiles generate electricity, they also send data wirelessly. Kemball-Cook told the Guardian: “When you stand on a tile, it sends data wirelessly. This is useful for crowd flow modeling – seeing how people move through cities. You can use it to control lighting more efficiently. It is also a very important way for retailers to know how many people are visiting their stores. We imagine that Google will cover the streets of it in the future and use the data in interesting ways.

The company also has more exciting things on the horizon. They recently installed play and dance floor mats in Munich, Germany. More than a thousand people played with the technology that provided enough power to drive an electric car for 700 miles.

What a creative way to fight climate change! It’s an exciting time for renewable energy sources and even more so why we’re moving completely away from planet-warming fossil fuels!

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