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Designer Pro-Tips for Building a Luxury Laundry Room


Raise your hand if your laundry room has so far existed as a “disposable” space. In other words, an area of ​​the house that’s been a bit neglected and not exactly pleasant to enter, not to mention an inviting place to sort, fold, and hang. You are certainly not alone. Designing a luxury laundry room is one of the big trends of 2022, and people are determined to trade in their dreary for the luxury laundry room of their dreams.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of ​​designing your own luxury laundry room, you’re in luck. We spoke to a few interior designers who were happy to share their top tips on how to create the type of space that might make you want to tackle the endless chore of laundry.

Try fun flooring

Laundry rooms are a great place to be bold with creative floor designs, such as intricate patterns or bold colors. It also helps anchor the aesthetic of the room and naturally draws attention as you enter the space.

“Big tiles can make a room feel larger, and smaller tiles can make a larger space feel more cosy,” notes Sarit Marcus, interior designer and founder of Minted Space. “Materials also have a huge impact on the mood of a room. Travertine, porcelain and cement tiles all have unique aesthetics that create a different mood.

Stella Porcelain Patterned Floor and Wall Tile 10″ x 10″

All modern

Honestly, this field tile is probably about to be the star of your space (sorry, we couldn’t resist). These tiles are made in Spain from porcelain and feature a white background with a black star pattern for a striking look with some serious retro vibes. Plus, because they’re rated for normal traffic and are water and mildew resistant, they’re perfect for bathroom floors, kitchen backsplashes, and just about anywhere. Each tile measures 9.75 square inches and comes in a carton of 16 pieces.

Sasha Hex Chiazza Marino 6″ Matte Porcelain Hex Tile


Beautiful encaustic-looking porcelain tiles from Spain make up the Sasha Hex collection. With 7 unique colorways and an ombré body, these hexagonal tiles will stun no matter where they are placed. Decorate floors or walls and watch your space come to life with an almost handmade look.

Shop: Marcus recommends Arto’s Scirocco tiles, which seamlessly combine sophistication and fun style. You can also try AllModern and TileBar.

Throw a patterned rug

If your budget (or your energy) doesn’t allow you to install new flooring, opt for a patterned rug instead.

“If the floor is tiled or wooden, an area rug will soften the room while adding personality and depth to the space,” says Anna Franklin, interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective.

If you’re looking for a luxury laundry room, she recommends going with a vintage design, which can help add a grounded elegance to your space. Franklin adds, “Select a rug that features the laundry room’s primary color, but also incorporates other colors to add depth.”


Loom neighborhood

Shiraz vintage rug


DIMENSIONS: 7’1″ x 10’1″

COLORS: Denim blue, brick, ivory, french blue, khaki, bronze, chocolate, coral, nantucket red, blush




ambitious house

A stunning runner with a peach background complemented beautifully by dark blue patterns. Would look great anywhere you have space.

Moroccan rug


This fabulous traditional Moroccan Berber vintage rug is 100% handmade by Berber women artists from the Atlas Mountains, with this amazing colorful vintage design that is absolutely wonderful.
Beautiful vintage Moroccan Beniouain rug handcrafted by women in their homes in the Atlas mountain region of Morocco. each rug is hand knotted from unbleached organic natural wool.

Rug-Faded Medallion Sunset

living spaces

Pile Rug – Woven

Style – Casual Farmhouse

Color Family – Orange

Reiko vintage


Style: Traditional, Transitional
Material: 100% Nylon
Weaving: machine made
Origin: Egypt

Venom Emerald Rug by Jonathan Adler


Elegant, sexy and spectacular. This fierce rug features two extended black and white snakes on an emerald green background with a solid black border. Water resistant, stain resistant and machine washable. Mat colors may vary slightly depending on your device and the lighting in your space.

Shop: Some of our favorite options include District Loom, Ambitious Home, and Etsy. For those who prefer to buy new, many vintage and modern inspired designs are also available. Try Living Spaces, nuLOOM and Ruggable.

Create an accent wall

There are so many different approaches to an accent wall. You can opt for a single bright color, painted pattern, mural, texture, or even wallpaper.

“Decorative walls are not reserved for the living room or the bedroom. Add a feature wall with materials such as tiles, planks or planks and slats, all of which can add warmth and take your laundry room to the next level,” notes Ronda Lish, President and Principal Designer of D&R Design in Arizona.

Franklin agrees, saying the wallpaper offers a lot of bang for your buck and time.

“Installing wallpaper allows you to really create a design moment in an unexpected place, completely transforming the mood of a standard laundry room,” says Franklin. “If your laundry room is small and you want to expand the space, you can use a vertically oriented print to draw the eye upward. Or if your laundry room doesn’t get much natural light, select a cheerful, colorful print clear to brighten up a space.You can really have fun with it!
Shop: To narrow down the choices for your updated luxury laundry room, try matching the accent wall with other elements in the space. Our pros recommend Chasing Paper and WallPops.


Chase the paper

12″ repeat

Peel and stick wallpaper is made from high quality self-adhesive poly-woven fabric. Our traditional wallpaper is made from high quality FSC certified wallpaper.

Printed with GreenGuard Gold certified ink. Matte finish. Fade and stain resistant

Yellow Peel and Stick Wallpaper


Yellow and White Modern Fantasy Wallpaper by Hadiya Williams

Peel and stick to apply, pull up to remove

Black Pepper Paperie x NuWallpaper is safe for walls and leaves no sticky residue behind

Easily repositioned during installation

Invest in great storage

Even if your luxury laundry room looks magazine-worthy, it doesn’t do anything for you if it doesn’t. functional. Cue cabinets, organizers and shelves. And when you think about it, a highly functional laundry room is the epitome of luxury.

Smart storage optimizes space, creates an efficient organization system, and creates a streamlined, seamless visual.

“Laundry rooms typically become the go-to room for storing cleaning supplies, paper household items and more. Design custom storage that hides all the clutter you want invisible,” says Marcus. “This includes designing a utility closet, hidden laundry bins, and custom cabinetry to hide your appliances.”

If you opt for custom cabinetry, work with a local contractor or designer who will ensure that you make the most of your existing space.

For those who don’t yet have the budget to splurge on a custom design, you still have options. Franklin says, “Use decorative and aesthetically pleasing storage baskets or glass jars to store necessities like detergent, dryer balls, dryer sheets, and more. Storage baskets and jars will keep the look sophisticated and polished while keeping the shelves organized. Be sure to balance baskets and jars with other fun styling tools in the space, such as houseplants or art.

Water hyacinth and rattan basket

Amber Shoppe Interiors

Water hyacinth and rattan baskets are a beautiful and functional accent for any space. Ideal for storing your favorite blankets or toys, with their practical lid they can also be used as a laundry basket or laundry basket.

3 Bushel Raised Truck

The house edition

3 Bushel Elevated Carts feature a heavy-duty square steel frame with a flat steel bottom for extra support, reinforced handles, and included 2″ casters to easily roll across the floor. Baskets are made with natural colored canvas and your choice of vinyl or leather rim (black leather with ‘laundry’ tag is shown)

Shop: Some good options include Shoppe Amber Interiors and The Home Edit.

Hang statement lighting

Let the light be, but make sure it’s the right kind of lighting for a real luxury laundry room.

“Lighting is the crown jewel of a room, and installing an eye-catching fixture is a great way to enhance your space,” Franklin says. “Chandeliers are known to make a statement when you walk into a home – why not make a statement when you walk into your laundry room? Most people spend far more time in their laundry room than in an entryway, and create a feeling of sophistication, elegance and class makes folding laundry that little bit more enjoyable.

Depending on your style, try glass, crystal or beaded fixtures that embody a sense of luxury. Antique finishes – or genuine antique pieces – also offer an added touch of sophistication.

Offset Glass Sconce – Double

western elm

Metal body.

Glass shade in Milk Glass finish.


Suitable for use in bathrooms and covered outdoor areas.

8-Light Sommelier Chandelier


The distinctive green hues of the recycled wine bottles used to make the Sommelier Chandelier give this light fixture its luminous feel. The natural uneven textures on the suspended glass pieces set in the green chandelier are accented by a dark contemporary gold leaf finish. We also offer the Sommelier in white glass.

Grammercy five-light chandelier

Poly & Bark

Add to the vibrant ambiance of a mid-century space with the Grammercy Five-Light Chandelier. An atomic arrangement of global orb shades draws the eye upward and adds an elegant framing quality to a dining room or living space.

Shop: Our favorite places to buy light fixtures are West Elm, Perigold and Poly & Bark.