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Draft redistribution plan of the SC house directed to the second floor of the house


COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA) – State lawmakers are about to finalize one of South Carolina’s new political maps.

On Tuesday afternoon, the House Judiciary Committee voted to advance a proposed map of the 124 State House districts. This vote comes one week after the publication of the draft plan.

The proposal was created with data from the 2020 census results and will be used for the 2022 midterm elections.

The process of redistributing the state has recently been criticized. Organizations and activists have expressed concerns about the plan proposed by the House committee.

One of the biggest complaints is the lack of competitive districts. The non-partisan organization, League of Women Voters of South Carolina, conducted an analysis of the map. They said there were 12 competitive districts in the plan proposed by the House.

Lynn Teague, of the League of Women Voters, says much of it depends on demographics and where people live, but lawmakers seem to be focusing more on protecting incumbents.

The cartographic plan proposed by the League of Voters has 19 competitive districts according to their analysis.

Teague said, “Some people may say, ‘It’s just a difference of seven districts,’ but it’s over a quarter of a million people in South Carolina who would be denied the right to decide for whom. they will vote in November. It will already be decided for them.

Princeton’s Gerrymandering Project Performs Non-Partisan Analysis of Redistribution Plans, says House’s proposed plan has only 6 competitive districts.

House members held more than 10 town hall meetings across the state to hear from Southern Carolinians.

“We have worked diligently to make the districts contiguous and compact from the lines as approved by the Department of Justice, federal and state courts in 2011,” said ad hoc committee chairman Jay Jordan. (R-District 63).

“We heard from citizens, interest groups across the state in our efforts to fairly and reasonably consider communities of interest, and of course the mandate in addition to the criteria I have mentioned,” said Jordan continued.

The House Judiciary Committee has approved some changes to keep the compound intact.

On Tuesday evening, the amended proposal was not shared.

The entire house is expected to pick up the map offered on the floor in December.

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