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Engineered Flooring Helps Improve Energy Efficiency at Renovated Brunswick House

Havwoods eco-certified engineered flooring was part of the palette of materials chosen by the builders to improve the energy efficiency of a former Edwardian house in Brunswick, VIC during its renovation.

‘Enduring House’ is a large, old, double-fronted Edwardian house on a leafy street in Brunswick West. The house has undergone a complete renovation with a new extension providing more space for the family of five. Energy efficiency was an important consideration throughout the project, which necessitated the selection and use of materials that would help achieve energy goals. This included the use of Havwoods engineered flooring from its PurePlank collection.

The Enduring House project is a wonderful example of balancing a sympathetic renovation of an existing old house with the modern needs of creating a home that is as environmentally friendly as possible.

As Certified Passive House Tradesmen, Chris and Jai of Pledge Custom Builders have applied some of the basic principles of Enduring House, such as ensuring complete and properly installed insulation, as well as using exterior membranes and details in such a way that a high standard of draft proofing has been achieved. Upon completion, the home was pressure tested by Certified Passive House Builders and earned an ACH 8.99 rating, high for any type of old-home renovation and a tribute to the builders’ skill in building construction. passive houses.

To help achieve an important piece of the brief – improving the home’s energy efficiency – Havwoods supplied Lucerne from the PurePlank Collection. Products in this collection use a click system resulting in tighter joints and can be laid over an underlayment, both features helping to limit air leakage – an essential part of creating a more eco-friendly home. environmental or passive. Additionally, Lucerne is an FSC-certified engineered flooring and coating product. This ensures that it has been sourced and manufactured under strict eco-friendly practices for the safety and well-being of our ecosystem, wildlife and people.

Brave New Eco delivered a stunning interior concept and design with the tone and texture of alfalfa from the PurePlank collection selected to complement both old and new parts of the home. He created a warm and enduring base on a palette of hardwoods, porcelain/ceramic surfaces and brass details.

Photographer: Marnie Hawkon