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Everest Place Makes a Splash at ICSC, Opens Billion-Dollar Resort – GrowthSpotter

Everest Group CEO Zafir Rashid had one goal when he decided to make his Everest Place mixed-use resort development the gold sponsor of the [email protected] conference this year: to let people know that the billion-dollar project will forward.

“So it’s on people’s radar,” he said GrowthSpotter from the Everest Place booth at the Orange County Convention Center. “The idea was to show people that we have done our master plan and the permits are in place.”

The developer has a pre-construction meeting this week with Osceola County for the first phase of the project, which includes a mix of retail, medical offices and residences along US 192 at the interchange. Western Beltway, as well as the first conservative and Muslim-friendly way of life. hotel in North America.

The Phase 1 hotel will be a 163-room hotel Mysk Hotel operated by Shaza Hotels with an adjacent 215-unit condo tower. The Everest-Shaza joint venture will build a second hotel and other branded residences next door in a later phase. This part of the station will be an alcohol-free zone, but the rest of Everest Place will welcome all visitors.

Rashid said Phase 1 has approximately 100,000 square feet of downtown commercial uses and the medical campus. The developer wants Everest Place to be more upscale than the laid-back Margaritaville Resort across the ring road, and it’s working with the same team of LandQwest which completed the lease of the Sunset Walk Mall in Margaritaville.

“We have a lot of interest, but it’s not just about finding tenants,” Rashid said. “It’s also about deciding who first where and what works best for us.”

The first phase will include the first of two mixed-use residential buildings, with structured parking and 350 apartments on the ground floor.

The developer chose a consistent Spanish Mediterranean architectural style throughout the resort, with one exception — the new Nickelodeon Resort and Phase 2 residences. “It’s more modern,” Rashid said. The Nickelodeon Resort will have 200 hotel rooms, 209 condo-hotel units and the company’s signature pineapple marking the entrance. Rashid said Everest had discussions with several brokers to handle condo sales and planned to select a company to lead residential sales and rentals.

The Nickelodeon Hotel will feature brightly colored rooms themed around popular characters such as Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. Other amenities will include a kids’ club, a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops, separate pools for the hotel and residences, including an adult pool with a swim-up bar and plenty of green mud. It will rise just north of the Mysk condo tower and will be accessible from the south until Everest completes the main road connecting the northern and southern sections of the project.

The proponent has made a significant change to the master plan since its approval. They took out the Crystal Lagoon and decided to replace it with a water park that will be accessible to condo and apartment residents, as well as all resort guests. The park will have an oversized swimming pool, water slides and a flow-rider among its attractions. Rashid said guests will pay for park access through their resort fees and residents will be able to purchase memberships.

“We wanted something a little more active,” said LandQwest’s Tom Heer. “I like it better. I think it’s a better use of the site.

They are not concerned that it will compete with the Island H2O water park in Margaritaville, as the one in Everest Place will be designed primarily for resort guests and residents, not outside visitors.

Juan Carlos Pinero with arquiestudio leads the design work of Everest Place, in collaboration with David Portwood, President of Davenport Consulting Group.

European boutique hotel Kempinski would operate the conference center’s 5-star hotel, which would be the company’s first US location in its more than century-long history. The preliminary subdivision plan submitted last October allows for up to 300 rooms with 20,000 square feet of conference and event space, plus 7,500 square feet of retail space.

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