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Hayden City Council has a quick look at the new building on South Walnut Street

An early design for Hayden’s new building on South Walnut Street would have a flat roof and front facade that mimics the current building and others on the block.

Hayden City Council reviewed early plans for what the city’s new building on South Walnut Street will look like on Wednesday, May 4.

Council members say they favored a balanced look for the building’s facade, with an equal number of windows on either side of the main entrance – a trait also found on the current building.

City Manager Mathew Mendisco said he hopes deconstruction of the current building will begin later this summer and be completed before the end of the year, with work on the new building unlikely to start until 2023.

“It’s very preliminary,” Mendisco said.

Council last month voted to demolish the century-old building at 135 Walnut Street that had ties to a local pioneer after the issue sparked a heated discussion about what the city’s history has reached to the level it deserves to be. be preserved.

This building at 135 South Walnut Street in downtown Hayden.
John F. Russell / Steamboat Pilot and Today

The building will be deconstructed in a process that hopes to save building materials that could be incorporated into the new structure. Current planning is being funded by a Colorado Department of Local Affairs grant that Mendisco said has been extended for another year, giving the city more time to complete the project.

The plans make floor plan recommendations and some basic exterior concepts based on other buildings on the block. Plans show that the building will contain coworking space, a private meeting room, semi-private workspaces, as well as a kitchen near the front. The building will eventually house the city’s business incubator.

The roof of the building will actually slope forward, Mendisco said. This hopes to alleviate the drainage issues plaguing the current structure by diverting stormwater to the street.

The building will also be slightly thinner, leaving enough room for a path and a side entrance.

For the facade of the building, council members said they preferred a similar look to what currently exists, with balanced windows on either side of the doorway as opposed to a staggered look.

“That was one of the original stipulations with the facade is that we try to stay as close as possible to what is there today,” council member Ed Corriveau said.

For the exterior material, Mendisco presented brick or concrete siding options, the first of which would match the building immediately north of 135 Walnut.

Mayor Zack Wuestewald said he wanted staff to explore wood cladding for the exterior of the facade, adding that the concrete cladding seemed too modern for one of Hayden’s older blocks. He suggested cedar or other wood clapboard siding, which resembles the buildings across the street.

Mendisco said staff would consider a timber facade in addition to the presented brick option ahead of council’s final decision at its next meeting later this month.

“It will define a final design in terms of the exterior,” Mendisco said. “Then we can release a finale, ‘this is what the new building will look like.'”