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How a colonial-era Delhi guesthouse in Lutyens was transformed into an opulent home


For example, while the spacious entrance hall remains the backbone that unites the various programs, the old cruciform layout is reinvented by resizing the lateral axis and populating it with art, like a two-headed sculpture that serves centerpiece of the cruciform. This intervention also opens the house onto the surrounding landscape, creating homogeneous sight lines from the inside to the outside.

Lutyens bungalow in Delhi: sustainable transformation

“The client adopted the no-waste, no-want philosophy and thus, throughout the design and construction process, there was a conscious effort to reduce material wastage, reuse materials such as wooden door and window frames, as well as hard finishes and existing civil elements. as much as possible, ”says Arora. The beige and cream marble floor of the ground floor has been preserved, a number of false ceilings have been preserved and modified. The existing frames and doors were also recycled and integrated into the new system. The conservation of the neoclassical facade was a decision that stemmed from the same overriding concern to reduce the house’s environmental footprint.

Lutyens bungalow in Delhi: the great outdoors

From the southern outskirts, the house is approached via a driveway, leading to a restored entrance porch. Deep verandas and Doric columns punctuate the built envelope; the verandas were activated by connecting them seamlessly with the interiors through the functional fenestration which replaced the fixed glass panels.

A landscaped driveway leads to the study and the guest bedroom on the ground floor

The landscaping interventions revitalized the hitherto little used areas of the beautiful exterior, integrating them into the overall design scheme. Outdoor terraces are added to the garden to optimize the conviviality of the swimming pool; the veranda is modified to strengthen the indoor-outdoor connection. The decks, shaded by wooden pergolas, allow the rear lawn to host formal and informal events, accessible from outside through the garden without disturbing the private functions of the residence.

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