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How Divya Bharti spent hours before her untimely death at 19

Actor Divya Bharti, who would have turned 48 today, was known for her charming screen presence and good looks. The professional life of the actress was beginning to take off when she sadly passed away in 1993 on this date.

Although there were many conspiracy theories surrounding her untimely death (she was only 19), it’s safe to say that the cause of death was an accident. Divya died from the balcony of her fifth-floor apartment in Mumbai. The actor had just returned from filming in Chennai and was due to meet fashion designer Neeta Lulla at the former’s residence about his upcoming feature film Andolan.

Neeta arrived with her husband Shyam; everyone had been drinking. Divya’s housekeeper, Amrita, had fried snacks for the guests while talking to her employer even as the guests enjoyed a bit of television. In the middle of this, Divya went ahead and sat on the balcony ledge. But turning around, the actor lost his balance and fell to the ground. She was apparently breathing when paramedics arrived, but soon succumbed to her life-threatening injuries.

Immediately after his death, conspiracy theories took over. While some claimed it was a murder, others called it a suicide. Since this was the time when underworld money was often said to be used in film production, some claimed it was their job.

Later, dismissing all rumors surrounding his daughter’s death, Divya’s father reportedly said in a statement, “There was no question of suicide or murder. Yes, she drank a little but how much can you drink in half an hour? And she wasn’t depressed. She was the type to get you down! It was an accident. She sat down on the ledge, lost her balance and fell. Unfortunately all apartments had grills except hers. Cars would still be parked below, but that night there wasn’t a single one. She fell directly to the ground.

Divya Bharti is remembered for working in films like Vishwatma, Shola Aur Shabnam and Deewana among others. Many of his films were incomplete at the time of his death – Laadla by Anil Kapoor and Raveena Tandon (Sridevi stepped in), Dilwale, Mohra by Akshay Kumar, Vijaypath by Ajay Devgn.