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How Wonderful Interiors Make This Thalassery House a Magnificent Home | Lifestyle decor

The house is owned by Sajid Maliyeckal de Thalassery and his family. If you’re wondering what’s so special about this one-story home, the family will insist you take a look inside first before forming an opinion. Because the real surprise is inside. The interiors have Athangudi tile floors and they are spectacular. Each room has a different colorful design.

There are no gadgets outside. One floor is enough. But since they are part of a common family, many functions take place in the house. The family therefore had only one request for the interiors to be spacious and beautiful to accommodate a large gathering. This is how many open interiors were built and the floors were made with Karaikudi’s special handmade tiles.

For the common spaces (living room-dining room-family) they used Athangudi tiles in blue + yellow color. For the bedrooms, they used different colored tiles. There were green tiles and terracotta tiles. The tiles in the kitchen reflect a yellow glow which helps maintain a fairy tale vibe.

To reduce the heat, they made a flat roof with GI Truss roofs. They have allocated space to expand upstairs if needed. The veranda designed by charupadi gives a traditional look to the house.

Sit-out, formal living room, family living room, dining room, kitchen, courtyard, work space and four bedrooms are contained within 3000 square feet.

When you enter the main entrance, the first thing you will notice is formal living. They also kept space for a TV cabinet. The interiors are made in a linear fashion so that from the main entrance you can see the courtyard at the other end.

The family dining room is part of the open hall. On one side they have a console dining bench concept.

Another attraction of the interiors must be the courtyard, located below ground level. Natural light floods in abundantly through the skylight. Here, armchairs and sofas have been provided to offer him a good space to relax.

They have a compact modular kitchen here. They have set up a breakfast counter near the dining room.

All rooms are well ventilated. Some have traditional colored glasses that reflect the colored rays of the sun inside the interiors.

So the reality is that for those who found the exteriors simple, the interiors will be a pleasant and colorful surprise.

Project Facts

Location: Thalassery, Kannur

Land: 30 cents

Area: 3000 m². ft

Owner: Sajid Maliyekkal

Architect: Rezwin Ahmed.

Meraki Designs, Thalassery.

Mobile: 9946209815