Floor designer

In Athens, a new boutique hotel energizes the ancient city

As creative director of Shila, Eftihia is at the center of this boom. “Shila was born by chance, as a need to create a space where our interests, passions and dreams would be expressed under one roof, be it architecture, design, photography, aesthetics or organization. a good party!” Athens’ burgeoning creative community craved a space to gather, she explains, as Athens’ hotel scene felt sparse compared to other cultural hubs like London, Paris and New York. “We wanted to create a hub that functions both as a hotel, but also as an art presentation space, a creative stage, a meeting point. A kind of sensual and mysterious townhouse,” explains Efihia. Shila has become the bridge for these communities. Now, two years later, it’s time to expand.

While Shila is tucked away in a small guesthouse on a quiet street in the upscale neighborhood of Kolonaki, its new sister property, mona, is located in the Psirri district of Athens, in the heart of the cultural city center. The neighborhood itself offers a view of the city’s past and present, where the Acropolis and Ancient Agora blend seamlessly with the city’s galleries, designer boutiques, and stylish bars and restaurants. Housed in an eight-story 1950s factory, Mona plays to its wildest, most industrial assets: there’s a bold iron staircase, terrazzo floors, original metal windows and a marble facade. . Mona is the bolder side of Shila’s bohemian soul. “Mona is really a city girl,” says Eftihia.

Mona’s lobby.

Photo: Courtesy of Alexandra Masmanidi