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Inside designer Carolina K’s Miami home


Designate Caroline Kleinman, from Caroline K, has made a name for itself collaborating with artisans to produce fashion and décor infused with vibrant colors and prints. So when we learned that she was residing in a modern Miami home, we had to investigate this seemingly contradictory purchase a little more. Kleinman and her husband bought the house three years ago. “It was amazing because it was built in 2011; it looks very mid-century, but it’s modern.” They started with a clean slate: modern architecture, crisp white walls and cool concrete floors. From there, she infused the space with warmth in the form of loud prints and vibrant color palettes.

Kleinman started with a plush wool rug, beige ottoman, and Moroccan pillows. (The family literally slept on the floor the first night in the house.) Instead of forcing the space to be ready in an instant, the designer took her time collecting the pieces she connected with. That’s why almost everything has a story: the Peruvian frame in carved gold leaf, the hand-beaded African chairs and tons of embroidered Moroccan pillows. Its space then evolves with the collection, constantly changing to house new discoveries. Continue to see how Kleinman translated his passion for vintage markets and antiques to this modern Miami space.

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