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The general conception people have of vinyl tile flooring is that it is thin, flexible, and cheap compared to other flooring materials. However, luxury vinyl flooring is here to change the narrative and prove it’s worth it.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring, also known as luxury vinyl plank, is the same as vinyl but takes a different shape and form from traditional vinyl.

While traditional vinyl comes in the form of a square tile, luxury vinyl plank comes in the form of long, narrow strips. The luxury vinyl plank has different layers which are listed accordingly below:

  • The first layer is made of aluminum oxide and its purpose is to protect the vinyl from scratches and scuffs.
  • Another layer that prevents serious rips and tears.
  • A engineered layer that makes vinyl look like stone or wood.
  • The last layer is quite stiff vinyl and this is what makes it the best version of the old vinyl as it provides 90% of the thickness.

Luxury vinyl is considerably thicker than traditional sheet vinyl by approximately 5 times, giving it its semi-rigid feel. Unlike traditional vinyl which is typically rolled out and glued to the floor, luxury vinyl planks snap together.

Installation of luxury vinyl flooring

The most amazing advantage of luxury vinyl plank is its ease of installation. Luxury vinyl flooring was designed for the layman.

The reason is that during installation there is little or no chance of making mistakes. It’s so easy to install that you can start installing it once you’ve purchased it. It does not require any special skill set or tools. With good concentration, a small piece can be completed in up to four hours.

The luxury vinyl flooring is designed so that the plank edges and ends meet with a pre-installed click-lock system. Luxury vinyl can be easily installed over the bare surface of the floor and its thick nature covers any flaws the underlayment might have.

Maintenance and repair

Luxury vinyl flooring is fairly easy to maintain. The cleaning method is as simple as ever. All you need is daily sweeping and weekly cleaning with detergent and cleaning pads.

It is recommended that the use of a steam cleaner be kept to a bare minimum, as it could eventually send moisture to the wooden subfloor.

For the repair aspect, it can be a bit tedious depending on the type of repair. If a small area of ​​the board needs repair, you can easily repair it with a vinyl repair kit; Just make sure it’s the same or nearly the same color as the board.

However, if the planks are badly damaged, you may need to uninstall all the planks from the wall where the damage occurred. Then you’ll have to reinstall everything when you’re done.

Luxury vinyl flooring is available in different shades, colors and designs.