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MADiSON: how to solve the elevator puzzle

The mausoleum elevator puzzle in MADiSON can be solved by identifying the victims of Madison Hale and taking photos of their coffins to spin the columns.

When the front door opens in MADISON, a new puzzle will be presented where Luca must use his hammer and his camera to rotate the column on each floor to which the elevator leads. There are five floors with a column in the center, and players will need to use the lower four floors to move the upper column so that all the dots are facing the mirror. To do this, the columns on the lower floors must be rotated so that the correct Roman numeral faces the correct Madison Hale victim.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many clues that point to how the mausoleum elevator puzzle is solved, but it’s pretty straightforward once the mechanics are understood. As you walk through the floors of the mausoleum, a voice will play over the loudspeaker detailing the murders committed by Madison Hale, but much of the information isn’t needed to solve the puzzle. The identity or age of the victims are the only clues needed to complete the mausoleum and progress from the elevator puzzle to MADISON.


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There are four kills to find starting with the ground floor and going up in ascending order of when Madison Hale killed them. One of the biggest clues to watch out for is that each of the victims died in 1987. Downstairs, the looping speaker voice will explain that the first victim was Madison’s father, so Luca needs to find Richard Tan. The victims are always the same, but their positions on each floor will be random. From the first to the fourth floor, the victims are Richard Hale, Judith Hale, Drake Fletcher and Lynn Jamie.

How to rotate the columns and solve the mausoleum puzzle in MADiSON

MADiSON How to Solve the Drake Fletcher Elevator Puzzle

To turn the columns into the correct position, Luca must take a photo of Madison Hale’s victims on each floor so that the engraved Roman numeral corresponding to the floor he is on points to the correct coffin. Some of the coffins are hidden, so to solve this puzzle in MADISON, players will have to use the hammer to break the tiles. Luca can then look through the hole in the wall to see the coffin. Once the correct coffins have been exposed, all you have to do is photograph all the victims to rotate the columns.

Each floor has three victims to investigate, so the correct one will be in one of those locations. However, the exact location is randomized for each part, but it is the only part of the puzzle that changes. Richard, Judith, Derek and Lynn will always be on the same floors, Roman numerals always correspond to the floor number and photos can be taken in any order. After photographing the coffins of the four victims, Luca can go up to the fifth floor to find that all the points of the column face the mirror. Luca can photograph the mirror to fall to reveal the clock key, then the mausoleum elevator puzzle will be solved by MADISON.

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MADISON is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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