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Meet the Dallas 500: Rogers Brandon Healy

One of the most recognized faces in residential real estate, Rogers Healy, owner and CEO of Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate, has made a name for himself through unique marketing. In 2021, his business quadrupled in size, averaging more than $100 million in sales per month. And Healy kicked off 2022 by spawning a land and lake vertical that solidified over $50 million in the pipeline in just one week.

“We’re trying to take the market,” Healy said. “We’re growing across Texas very slowly, very quietly, and with one office. I am very proud of [our growth].”

Place of birth: corpus Christi

Education: Southern Methodist University (BA-Advertising and Psychology)

Best Advice: “I love a good quote. One quote that had a huge impact on my career was ‘Be yourself, everyone’s taken’. People struggle to be authentic, and I got sucked into the vortex early in my career when someone dear to me finally gave me a little taste of reality when they read me this Oscar Wilde quote It resonated and I started to really understand who I am and how I lead.

Moments of pride: “I was extremely proud of how we handled the pandemic by putting the safety of others ahead of production and potential profits. We have closed the office until we can completely renovate it to allow our employees to return to the office safely, in accordance with CDC guidelines. Ultimately, we took a strong stance on wearing masks and prioritizing safety. A highlight for our business has been being able to return to the office safely while many were still at home. We executed our comeback the right way. We also doubled our agent team and quadrupled our in-house staff in less than a year. We also average over $100 million in sales per month while keeping our company heartbeat consistent with putting people before a paycheck. t highlight of the year and my career to date has been becoming the official real estate partner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Dream car: “A car that works, has good air conditioning and enough legroom.”

Second house: “My second home is my office. I’m more at work than at home, so we have an extremely comfortable office with lots of windows, high ceilings, and an open floor plan. Since I spend most of my time at work, we need to have a comfortable setup and feel like our home away from home. We had a second home in East Texas until someone contacted me on social media during the height of the pandemic to express interest in buying it, and now we don’t own it anymore! So it went well. »

Future forecast: “I love how Dallas continues to diversify. Who we were in Dallas 10 years ago is completely different from where we are now. There are so many options for so many different people, which makes our city eclectic for the first time maybe ever. My wife and I are trying to start a family, and that’s personally what I’m most excited about for the future. Slowing down from the hustle and taking a step back is what we’re supposed to do at my age, and I’m excited to do it.

Accompaniment song: “I Will Not Go Quietly”, by Don Henley, from Dallas. I wake up every day on a mission, to change the world. I realize the odds are stacked against me in a city full of real estate agents, but my goal is to always persevere, no matter how tough it gets. Don Henley is also the greatest singer of all time.

Hobby/Passion: “I love music. I’ve been collecting musical memorabilia since I was three or four years old. I love the history and nostalgia behind music, and I’m really proud to have one of the collections of the world’s most unique musical memorabilia I have items ranging from Jimi Hindrix’s hair to unique pieces by artists such as Don Henley, Van Morrison, David Ruffin and Otis Redding I am extremely passionate about music and collect objects from the world of music.

Local rate: “I love my cooking. There’s nothing better than enjoying a home-cooked meal with my wife.

Industry trend: “We are living in the craziest market we have ever seen. We will see the housing crisis ease thanks to the recovery of production. We are starting to see construction costs come down. When that happens, many of the potential sellers we currently have will be buying something in town that they can’t sell until they find another property. Eventually, the channel will go back to normal a bit. I don’t think there will necessarily be an influx of registrations, but we will return to a semblance of reality. We are fortunate to be able to hire DFW’s top talent and are able to stay on top of the industry even in the midst of a crazy market.


Ben Swanger is the associate editor of CEOthe business title of Magazine D. Ben manages the Dallas 500