Floor plan

Mineola ISD construction projects impacted by rising costs

MINEOLA, Texas (KLTV) — An east Texas school district is facing rising construction costs following a recent bond approval.

Mineola ISD Superintendent shares what he is doing to move construction projects forward.

“We know the costs have gone up quite a bit with continuing inflation,” says Cody Mize, superintendent of Mineola ISD.

Rising material costs are impacting ongoing construction projects by Mineola ISD. Mize says the district is building a new elementary school and renovating its current elementary school into a career and technology center. They will move a few grade levels and create more space for their secondary school.

The district passed a $29.8 million bond in May, giving them the ability to expand for the first time since the mid-1980s.

“We’re experiencing some growth and we have aging facilities and we thought this mandatory proposal on the package we’ve adopted is a good way to address those issues for our district,” Mize says.

As interest rates rise, he says they have invested nearly thirty million dollars, which has generated a huge return for the district and offset rising material costs.

“Right now, on interest alone, we’ve generated just over a hundred thousand dollars with the funds we’ve allocated for construction,” says Mize.

Mize says they have been working on the site plan and floor plan for the new construction, and due to rising costs from inflation, and expect to pay between $350 and $380 per foot. square.

He says the electrical components and windows are a challenge to get, but says their team is top notch.

“We’ve got some great construction people working on these things, and they’re adapting and they’re overcoming and hopefully we’ll see – hopefully the prices will come down over time,” Mize says.

Mize says they plan to start in early December.