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Mom Discovers a Quick Fix for Gleaming Floors Under $2

How to leave floors sparkling in seconds: Mom discovers a ‘miracle’ solution for less than $2 – and it can be used on showers and stove tops too.

  • Mom Used Aldi’s Laundry Degreaser ($1.95) On Her Floors For Flawless Results
  • She has used the product on hobs, showers, closets with similar success
  • Hundreds of people claim the product removes film from floors and makes them shine
  • But many warn that using degreaser on floors can ruin their structural integrity

A mum found that using Aldi’s laundry degreaser ($1.95) on her floors produces flawless results.

“Aldi laundry degreaser for absolute victory,” she wrote to thousands in a popular Facebook group.

“It has shown amazing results on my stone countertops, my shower, my glass, my hobs, my cupboards and now my floors!”

“And all for less than $2 a bottle,” she continued. ‘How good is this?’

The product is primarily a clothing stain remover for stains

The mum claimed Aldi’s laundry degreaser worked flawlessly on her stone countertops, shower, glass, hobs, cupboards and now her floors

Di San Pre Wash stain remover is mainly used for “greasy” and “oily” stains on clothes, but the product has proven to be extremely versatile.

Hundreds of people were in awe of the mother’s unconventional trick.

“These are the shiniest floors I have ever seen,” wrote one woman.

“Absolutely brilliant, I wish my floors looked like this.”

“I use it all the time on my countertops and it smells great,” added a third. “Like fresh laundry, no chemicals at all.”


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The mum further explained that high shine floors are extremely difficult to clean as floor cleaners usually cause a buildup that betrays footprints soon after use.

“But this product removed all the film on top and polished them off with very little effort on my part,” she added.

But others weren’t so quick to follow his hack – and many warned of the ill effects of using laundry products on tiles.

“After a while stuff like that breaks down the grout,” one man said.

“It’s really bad in the long run,” echoed another. “It will completely ruin the grout.”

Grout is an important part of flooring because it keeps moisture out of the substrate, helps keep tile lines straight, and keeps tiles from rubbing against each other and cracking.

But others had different complaints.

“Used it once in my shower, but never again,” one woman wrote. “It didn’t make the job any easier and the smell was awful and overpowering.”

“I wouldn’t use laundry detergent on my floors,” another added. “But I like Aldi’s degreaser for its intended use. I’ve never had a problem removing stubborn stains.