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New retirement home planned between Cottam and Woodplumpton

Large square windows at the elevations would allow the required amount of light into the resident spaces Photo: NSJR Chartered Architects LLP

Plans have been submitted to create a ‘bespoke care facility’ housing 89 beds with road and parking access in Lower Bartle.


The current use of the site is agricultural land and is located east of Sandy Lane, Lower Bartle and south of the Preston North Bypass (M55) within an area allocated for housing led development in the local plan.

The proposal is for a two-storey new build, ‘U’ shape, located at the northern end of the site, which will provide the accommodation required for the care home on the ground and first floors. It would aim to provide a range of services, including nursing care and specialist dementia care.

The care home is specified to a high standard with all bedrooms being single occupancy and including a shower room so that guests enjoy a high level of privacy and are more easily protected against infectious diseases such as ongoing Covid pandemic.

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The proposed site plan Pic: NSJR Chartered Architects LLP
The proposed site plan Pic: NSJR Chartered Architects LLP

The administrative and maintenance premises will be located in the attic of the north wing of the building.

Social spaces will be located throughout the building and are stacked on each floor plan. This is out of consideration for the privacy of the rooms, both visually and acoustically. These spaces will act as the building’s main lounges and common areas.

Other social/service areas will include a lounge, tea rooms, cinema rooms, library, dining rooms.

As the retirement home is to be staffed permanently, 90 employees are expected, covering a wide range of skills and competencies, and the operation includes shift work.

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The Indicative Landscaping Area Pic: Pic: NSJR Chartered Architects LLP
Indicative Landscaping Pic: NSJR Chartered Architects LLP

For areas accessible to care home residents, it is expected that a high proportion of residents will have mobility issues or otherwise be unable to actively use some of the outdoor garden space.

In terms of landscaping and garden space, residents will have seating areas integrated into the design with an array of plantings.

Vehicle access to the building will be from the existing access point off Sandy Lane, with a parking area in the central courtyard. This will be accompanied by a 2m wide pedestrian path for pedestrian access.

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On behalf of claimant DOS Limited, agents NSJR Chartered Architects LLP said: ‘There are a number of care homes in the Preston area which have been developed from large houses and therefore provide quality accommodation and quality accommodation. variable scale.

“The proposal is to create a bespoke care facility which will provide the highest standard of accommodation available locally, using a site in line with the North West Preston master plan.

“The construction of the proposal will require a significant number of full-time and part-time staff, and will therefore contribute directly to the local economy.”

To see the complete proposals, you can visit the Preston City Council website.

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