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News and information – Discover the new design of Wellington Central Library

The design process

After confirming that the building would be remediated to the highest standard (base insulation) in October 2020, work began on Te Matapihi design principles.

This involved Mana Whenua, key stakeholders, potential partners and our library teams.

In April 2021, the following principles were adopted:

– Engage fully with Mana Whenua. This included an amendment to use the name te reo of the library “Te Matapihi ki te Ao Nui”. This name was given by Te Taura Whiri o te reo Māori (Maori Language Commission) when the building was initially opened and is found above the entrances. It reflects the Library’s goal of “opening windows to the wider world”.

– Design for the visitor that is inclusive for traditional and future users, and to attract the wider population to provide an anchoring social infrastructure in the city.

– Harness the power of partnership by integrating libraries, municipal archives and the council’s service centre, and making it the headquarters of Capital E.

– Design a visitor experience that is modern, forward-looking and a tourist attraction in its own right.

The Committee also agreed to expand Levels 3 and 4 and achieve a target rating of 5 green stars.

The design team worked out the requirements for all the different collections, activities, services or programs the building will provide, including new floors.

Who is involved?

The design team includes specialists from our libraries, city archives, service design and Capital E, as well as experts in engineering, architecture, culture and visitor experience.

They are: Athfield Architects who originally designed the building; Aurecon, RCP, RLB, Tihei and Mapuna.

LT McGuiness has been selected to carry out the construction and plans to prepare to begin earthworks in early 2023, subject to the resource consent process.