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Recho Omondi talks about cutting room floor and more


Silence, a phrase that is better to hear (or not hear) than to read. Inflection, intonation, sarcasm, all of which add complexity to a statement or argument but are difficult to convey in writing. So when Recho Omondi is recording a podcast, she is not responsible for interpreting interviews with her fashion industry guests as a writer or journalist would. Instead, it is up to the public to The cutting room floor, or what Omondi describes as the only fashion show, to draw their own conclusions about the guest.

While listeners often let this power go to their heads, criticizing the host for their mouth sounds instead of the content itself, it is evident that they are able to both hear and decipher the minutiae of the voice by themselves. “You can hear all the subtle things like how someone is breathing or how they have stopped,” Omondi explains. “You just have an idea of ​​them. It’s more intimate.” It is this sense of intimacy that forms the basis of her podcast and sets her conversations apart not only from writings but from most fashion publications in general.

Omondi, who started his clothing career in design after attending SCAD, launched The cutting room floor in 2018 as a means of accessing information that she said was lacking in the industry’s media coverage. “When I entered the industry, it was a lot more intellectual,” she explains. “The writing was better. The journalism was better.” Amid the pandemic, she folded her label in 2020 to devote her full attention to the podcast.

“There was never a plan,” she explains. “If someone is in front of me and they look interesting, then I’m like, ‘You’re next.” While that may be true, Omondi’s keen sense of who’s who in this industry allows him to capitalize on seemingly fortuitous meetings. She met guest and pioneer model Bethann Hardison at a party. When Ssense reached out to profile her, she asked for a story about them in return.

Despite this seemingly random selection, all guests must meet three criteria. “One: information; if they were genuinely informed about the work they were doing. Two: storytelling; if they were a great storyteller and could also give information. And then three: charisma; s’ they had a sense of charisma or stage presence. If they could hit all three of them, then I knew they would be great guests. ” She must also find someone who is not forbidden by a publicist, referring to the advice given to her by Hardison. “She said,” You cannot chat with the driver while you are still in the taxi. Find people who have nothing more to lose, people who are no longer in the companies because the ones who are just can’t speak. “That’s why you’ll find guests like Brian Phillips who shut down his PR firm Black Frame in 2020 or Fashionista.com founder Faran Krentcil, who is no longer affiliated with the platform.

Once the guest is secured, it is Omondi’s responsibility to put on a great show. His team of three conducts an interview every two weeks, and the time in between is devoted to research. Omondi combs through everything she can access. She reads every interview the guest has ever given in order to build a mental model of their societal orbit filled with cultural touchpoints ready to be explored. A pre-interview is conducted, then she is finally ready to record. “There is a lot that can be done to make the public feel like they are on a cruise ship where they don’t have to do work and just listen to the experience,” she says. “It’s very intentional. I have to make sure they feel that way.”

recho mondi

This whole podcast was born out of Omondi’s willingness to ask questions she said weren’t asked of her sartorial counterparts, to lift the veil on the one-on-one that insiders had in conference rooms. and around cocktails. That means letting Mara Hoffman guide her through every step of a sustainability-focused rebranding process or arguing with Mickey Drexler about pandemic-induced burnout, stopping often for further clarification and even ask Drexler to spell the names. “I think they like the aspect that drops the name,” she guesses of her audience. “Not for the sake of influence, but for the sake of research.”

The young podcaster will continue to dig until she knows all about a story – the when, where, who, why, etc. She holds her guests responsible. “I really try to serve the audience and make sure they extrapolate something from the episode, not just two friends talking about what they ate for dinner where you feel a bit like a stranger . “

His unwavering personality is conducive to this kind of work; it’s not easy to push someone in a higher position than you out of the train of their mind. “I don’t really try to be a badass in interviews, but I think I’m a super curious person, and so naturally I always ask for clarity.” She points to courage as a heavy component of the equation, which has a unique effect when paired with a disregard for the invisible media safeguards put in place by the transactional nature of fashion publications.

In this regard, she compares herself to Joe Rogan in an admirable hint. It was this approach that allowed her to take into account the criticisms surrounding her episode “America’s Tan” with Leandra Medine, addressing the issues, apologizing and continuing. “Canceling culture is not real,” she explains of a construct she ironically mentioned in the aforementioned episode. “It’s a temporary whirlwind of energy that allows people to momentarily ignore any shade and the soapbox. Then it dissipates.”

“I am a critical person by nature,” she says. “Am I a fashion critic? I don’t think so, at least not in the traditional sense,” she says, citing their formal adherence to show reviews. “I’m more interested in soaring 30,000 feet above the industry and watching the movement and the waves, then picking a wave and riding that wave for an hour and a half.”

Omondi defines herself as a fashionable underdog (a flaw of the aforementioned cruising altitude). This statement of relativity is something writers like Robin Givhan often see as a key part of objective reporting, although many would describe both as insiders. Ironically, most of Omondi’s guests are so inside, so niches, that you probably wouldn’t even know their names. The designer turned podcaster clarifies by adding, “Trying to bring strangers in with the show,” it’s the ultimate behind-the-scenes pass.

recho mondi
recho mondi

Probed further, Omondi would not qualify as a journalist either. The question of her role in the industry is one that she herself has endeavored to define. (These days, the lines between editors, writers, journalists, critics, influencers, and consultants are blurry at best). “I think I’m a journalist in the sense that I broadcast, so yes, but my ethics, I don’t know, because I’m not impartial.” A product to do it alone, there are no journalistic standards to be met. There are also no advertisers to appease, no publishers to appease.

When I ask which posts she thinks is doing a good job, she starts listing writers rather than platforms, in addition to praising Sense as the best editorial source today. Its short list includes Eugene Rabkin, Guy Trebay from NYTNYT, Amy O’Dell, Rachel Tashjian from GQ, Christopher Morency of HighSnobiety, and of course, Robin givhan and Cathy Horyn. Noting a recent Vanity Show item About the new closed Internet, she postulates: “I think I am more writers now than publications.”

Outside of Omondi’s orbit, this trend has manifested itself in sites, like the late Man Repeller, which are evolving into a media platform focused on individual editors or writers versus the entity itself. same. The same notion is at the base of the enthusiasm for newsletters induced by Patreon / Substack. This is exactly what Omondi has built for herself. You log in to her interviews, her guest selection, her candor. Instead of using big names to get clicks, she uses her name to bring attention to unknown bodies in the industry.

This new wave of editorial self-taught is setting their own standards and blurring the boundaries of journalism. Although many newsletters are product driven, i.e. Opulent advice—Omondi goes out of his way to make sure that’s not the case with The cutting room floor. She defines her show by describing what it is not. They will not cover “the red carpet, the runway, the product, the celebrities or the trends”. The selection of the podcast as a medium is conducive to this type of longer-form content. It appeals to our hyperactive minds because it allows multitasking; Omondi herself notes that she easily feels distracted when reading long articles. You can do the dishes, prepare dinner or go for a walk with airpods. His interviews often last from an hour to an hour and a half – Mt. Everest in print, but easily consumable via audio.

The irony lies between Omondi’s determination to bypass product placement and the lack of visuals from its medium, both of which clash with the aesthetic foundation of the fashion industry. The same paradox applies to all podcasts that analyze this industry or any industry with an aesthetic vocation. This begs the question: is this source of coverage viable without a visual component?

In Omondi’s rebuttal, she notes that this is something she thinks about a lot. “I guess I feel like we’re so inundated with images that they mean next to nothing to me,” she says. “Plus, telling stories about the fashion industry via audio is a wonderful call to action for listeners. It stimulates their imaginations and encourages them to search for something. We received so many images; I don’t mind if it gives them something to do. ”

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Annual Christmas Open House at the Williamsport Public Library on December 9 | New


The Friends of the Warren County Library and Learning Center will be hosting the annual Christmas Open House at the Williamsport Public Library and Learning Center, according to information provided.

The event will take place from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on December 9.

“The Holiday Open House is an old-fashioned but wonderful way to start the holiday season,” said director Chris Brown. “It’s an informal way to celebrate the holidays with friends, family, neighbors or coworkers you won’t be having the big day with and gets you in the holiday spirit. “

Brown said the first open house was held in 2002, with just a few decorated trees, cookies and punch. It has grown to nearly 20 thematic trees ranging from three foot trees to 14 foot trees. There will be live entertainment. Local musician Burt Etchison and his quartet will perform traditional Christmas music and easy jazz from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. At 6 p.m., the Wabash River Strings Dulcimer will perform until 7 p.m. and they want the kids to play with them.

Santa will be available for photos, a treat, and to listen to the kids tell him what they really want for Christmas. Mrs. Claus will be read “It was Christmas Eve”. There will be cookie decorating and crafts for the kids. There will also be door prizes.

The library and learning center got a bit of a makeover during this tough season when they couldn’t have the open house last year. The library has a new metal roof, new LED lights, new sidewalks with handrails on the steps, a new digital sign in front of the library, new computers, a new drop box, sealed parking, repainted and cleaned up. carpet. In the children’s library it has been redesigned with a new 75 inch 4K smart TV with 5.1 surround sound and a new 4k Blu-ray player, a new disabled bathroom in the children’s library and a floor plan redesigned, a permanent space for the sale of friends’ books, a new 75 gallon aquarium and meet Qinglong, a 42 foot green Chinese dragon.

“We can’t wait to show if we’re out,” Brown said.

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This robot vacuum and mop is so efficient it even cleans itself, and it’s $ 150 off


Disclosure: Our goal is to showcase products and services that we think you will find interesting and useful. If you buy them, Entrepreneur can get a small share of the revenue from the sale of our business partners.

Last year, a survey of 2,000 people found that the average American parent spent more than 23.5 hours on housework and housework each month. That’s almost six hours a week of laundry, toilet scrubbing and the most time-consuming task of sweeping, dusting and vacuuming.


Devoting nearly six hours a week to housework is hard enough, but if you’re running your own business, it’s basically a trade-off. Of course, no one wants to live in dirty misery, so you need to find a balance between a full day of cleaning each month and the rest of your life.

The Narwal T10 is designed to make this balance a bit more manageable. It is a powerful robot vacuum and mop that can reduce the hours of that weekly total while keeping a house in top condition.

For residents with hardwood or tile floors, the T10 is a beast, using a pair of special side brushes to dig deep and break up stains and dirt, while the 1800 Pa suction sucks and lifts it up. Take away, all without rolling brush design that reduces hair tangling in your brushes.

Meanwhile, the triangular mop pads rotating an average of three times per second (180 rpm) can cover 30% more area for better cleaning efficiency, including corners, according to the company. The T10 is also smart enough at this cleaning, avoiding going back to completed cleaning areas to avoid spreading dirt and other debris.

This smart cleaning comes down to smart mapping. This robot therefore uses state-of-the-art Lidar navigation, LSD laser mapping algorithms, and simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) technologies that help avoid obstacles and detect cliffs, according to the company.

The entire process is controlled and monitored through the Narwal app, which also allows users to customize their cleaning with virtual no-go zones, adjustable suction and cleaning humidity levels, and the ability to schedule multiple cleaning plans. cleaning. Users can set their preferred cleaning schedules so the robot can take its rounds whenever you want, even when you’re away from home.

And once it has completed its tasks, the Narwal T10 returns to its home cleaning station and cleans itself as well. With a pair of 1.3 gallon water tanks, the system cleans microfiber mops, separates dirty water from clean water so the entire unit requires minimal maintenance, then dries automatically after cleaning.

The Narwal T10 has already attracted impressive admirers, winning awards from CES, Red-dot, Edison, German Innovation, and others, in addition to being named one of the Time magazineThe best inventions of 2020.

As of 10/11, buyers can get the Narwal T10 for $ 799 for Black Friday, which includes an accessories gift box + a detergent sheet.

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Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 review: a sports bike at a low price | Expedited review


The “NS” in Pulsar NS stands for “naked sport”. NS is what made Pulsar NS a popular brand for its sheer muscle and performance in the 200cc and 160cc segments. It was mainly the look that attracted young people. The NS has created a new performance trend in the two-wheeler segment with its perimeter frame and single-shock suspension. Now Bajaj has released a Baby NS that shares the looks and features of the Pulsar NS 200 and 160 models.

What catches your eye are the orange color graphics which are the hallmark color of KTM bikes. Color plays a key role in giving the bike a sporty feel. In terms of pure design, there isn’t much of a divergence from the bigger NS models. The NS 125 is 5mm shorter than the 160 and 18mm shorter, but 6.5mm wider.

The bike has a higher ground clearance than its siblings at 179mm. The empty weight is 144 kg (NS 160 weighs 151 kg and NS 200 156 kg). The muscular tank with padding, the sporty tank shovel, the engine spoiler and the bare headlights all belong to the NS family. Even the design of the alloy wheels, perimeter frame, grab bar and taillight are similar to other NS models. However, the tire size is a bit small, with 100 section rubber at the rear. He looks a little smaller.

Usually, bicycles in this segment have a design similar to commuter motorcycles. After the KTM RC125, the NS 125 also brought a change in this regard. The NS 125 has the label of an affordable bike with a sporty look.

Compared to the Pulsar 125, the NS 125 is 4 kg heavier. In addition, the seat is also a bit higher at 15mm (805mm). The wheelbase and ground clearance are higher than those of the Pulsar 125. The speedometer console is semi-digital and consists of a large analog tachometer and a small digital speedometer.

The NS 125 is powered by a 125.45cc single cylinder, four valve, air-cooled engine based on the Pulsar 160 engine. Although there is only a small difference in horsepower and torque compared to the Pulsar 125, the performances are marked. The engine delivers 11 hp of peak power at 8,500 rpm and 11 Nm of torque.

The NS 125 uses an electronic carburetor. The engine provides good response in both the low and midrange, while the high end is not that good. The bicycle is ideal for city trips. It also has a five-speed gearbox and a gearshift lever. The throw is short and precise.

In the field of material handling, the NS makes its mark on its rivals. Sudden changes of direction are easy. In a straight line and in corners, the perimeter frame proves its worth. In addition, the performance of the single-shock rear suspension that can be preloaded stands out. The front receives a disc brake and the rear drum. There is no ABS but a combined braking system.

Last round
The Pulsar NS 125 is an affordable muscle bike. Considering its sporty looks, fuel efficiency and good performance, it could easily become the segment leader.

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How to make a small room bigger – 9 tips to save space


If you have a room that looks like the size of a shoebox, you need to know how to make a small room bigger. It’s easy to despair in tight spaces, especially when you have more stuff than square footage. And with more and more “micro-living” city dwellers, small spaces can take their toll when designing your ideal home.

But, there are smart design solutions that will maximize your space and make your life easier. In addition, it is much cheaper than moving!

So whether you live in a small studio or your home office is a bit cramped, here are some space-saving solutions to buy yourself some extra space.

How to make a small room bigger

1. Declutter

Cluttered space

Cluttered space (Image credit: Shutterstock)

First of all, get rid of the clutter. It might sound easy enough, but it’s hard to do. After all, how many of us cling to “important” things that often pile up, taking up precious space? Channel your inner Kondo and focus on maintaining order, organization, and minimalism.

“All you have to do is take the time to sit down and review every item you own,” says Maria Kondo, acclaimed organization consultant, in her book To Spark Joy In Your House. “Decide whether you want to keep it or throw it away, then choose where to put what you keep.” Once you declutter, you’ll be amazed at how much space you actually have and can work with.

2. Use corners and install built-in elements

Library and built-in wardrobes

Library and built-in wardrobes (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Corners can seem like a waste of space if not used properly. Whether it’s an L-shaped sofa, TV stand, or bookshelf, these “corner” designs can fit right into the room and save you space. If you have difficult wall niches, install built-in shelves to display favorite books or items. Built-in wardrobes or upright wardrobes can give you extra storage space without a bulky piece of furniture sticking out into the room.

“If you have built-in storage, consider sliding doors whenever possible because you can still open them even if there’s a chair in front,” advises Kate Watson-Smyth, interior editor, “Close them. doors that don’t need handles will also create a more streamlined look, as will flat fronts. “

3. Paint your ceilings and walls white

white living room

white living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Another popular tip is to use neutral colors on your walls, floors, ceilings, baseboards, and furniture coverings. Tones like off-white or beige give the illusion of opening up space and can also brighten up a room by reflecting light. Dark colors in a small space absorb light, making the room appear smaller. However, you can still add pops of bright color with upholstery or wall art, so that it doesn’t look too clinical and bland.

4. Mirror magic

Large mirror in the living room

Large mirror in the living room (Image credit: Shutterstock)

This is the oldest tip in the book on how to make a small space look bigger. Large mirrors and glass doors work well to reflect light and are one of the best ways to instantly make your small space open and airy. It is always best to stand in front of a window so that natural light bounces off it.

“Mirrors are a great way to create instant depth and breadth,” agrees Abigail Aherne, interior designer. “Placing a mirror behind a candle, pendant, or bedside lamp will help maximize the range of light while creating an almost magical effect.”

If you don’t have a mirror, any reflective surface like stainless steel, glass, and metal accessories will do.

5. Set up floating shelves or storage

Wall shelves

Wall shelves (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Furniture does not always have to be on the floor. Depending on the strength of your walls, you can mount to the wall floating wall shelves, wardrobes, televisions or TV consoles to free up precious floor space. For home offices, hanging smaller things on wall rails can be handy, as you’ll have more space on the desk, making it less cluttered. Remember to check what’s behind the wall before you start drilling holes anywhere. Pay attention to threads for example and measure yourself correctly because you don’t want to create an eyesore.

6. Use versatile furniture

Blue pouf

Blue pouf (Image credit: Shutterstock)

If you prefer not to hang anything up, invest in versatile furniture such as storage ottomans Where cover chests. These are nifty ways to hide the clutter, as well as serving as additional seating for your guests. If you don’t have room for a large coffee table, invest in a nest of tables to store, or comfortable sofa if you don’t have a spare room.

7. Keep things in proportion

Large sofa in small space

Large sofa in small space (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Maximize your room layout by tailoring your furniture to the size of the space. There is nothing worse than furniture that looks out of proportion. Think of the perfect sofa that takes up the entire room or the 3-foot-long coffee table that you keep banging your legs on every time you walk around it.

“Look for sofas and chairs that have narrow armrests, which means more room to sit, as well as those with taller legs so you can see the floor below,” advises Kate Watson-Smyth. , interior designer. “The more floors you see, the bigger the room.”

Plus, if your space is too compact for a conventional dining table, a circular table will take up less space.

8. No heavy curtains

Roller shutters on window

Roller shutters on window (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Compact spaces require as much natural light as possible, so avoid heavy or dark curtains which are bulky and can make the room appear smaller. Instead, use light window treatments such as slatted or roller blinds that you can lift up or sheer curtains.

“If you add curtains or drapes to a room, keep them the same color as the walls,” advises Abigail Ahearne, interior designer. “It avoids contrasts and gives the room a more homogeneous and cohesive appearance.”

9. Display artwork on a large scale instead of small

Artwork on the wall

Artwork on the wall (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Your walls need decluttering just as much as your floor space. Whether it’s artwork or family photos, don’t hang them all together on a busy gallery wall. Instead, just have a large focal painting or a frame on the wall to grab attention. This will work much better than having a grouped group of smaller paintings.

And There you go. So try out these smart tips and tricks to see if they can turn your cramped space into charming in minutes.

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Here Are 9 Of The Biggest Home Sales In Northern Arizona


Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, Arizona’s premier luxury real estate broker, released its list of the top nine home sales in northern Arizona for the month of September. The list highlights Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty’s significant sales for some of the most luxurious real estate properties the Grand Canyon State has to offer.

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85 Evergreen Drive, Lot 23, Sedona, AZ 86336: $ 2,910,000

Topping the list with the highest sale, luxury real estate agents Jeanette Sauer, Ed Pennington, Brenda Cady, Jim French and Anne French, of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer and seller of the breathtaking estate of Sedona. The extraordinary quality 5,326 square foot home in North Slopes’ first gated community in West Sedona captures breathtaking views of the Red Rock and peaceful serenity. This immaculate contemporary bespoke southwest home borders the National Forest and spans two acres. The front patio offers a spectacular resort style vibe with a waterfall of red rocks and an outdoor fireplace enhancing the ambiance.

1774 E. Mossy Oak Court, Flagstaff, AZ 86005: $ 2,150,000

Luxury real estate agent Paula Mack of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer of the classic estate. A rare opportunity for the location includes the walking distance to the clubhouse which overlooks Trout Creek Lake and a nearby park, offers spectacular mountain views and a scenic driving range and golf course views. The house has timeless finishes and a floor plan to suit any buyer.

2372 N. Tillie Lane, Flagstaff, AZ 86001: $ 1,875,000

Luxury real estate agents Valerie Core, Freddi Paulsrud and Nina Bedatsky of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the seller of this magnificent estate. This personal home is meticulously constructed to give the feeling of a lodge home surrounded by mountains with all the amenities of being next to the FUTS trail and only minutes from historic downtown Flagstaff. The great room has 25 foot ceilings and the hand scraped log accents are found throughout this wonderful home. This rustic work of art features a main bedroom on the ground floor, a warm and comfortable family room with a second fireplace, and a chef’s dream kitchen.

Braided reed 4440 W., Flagstaff, AZ 86005: $ 1,450,000

Luxury real estate agents Marie-France Dagenais and Shane Randall of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer and seller of the spacious estate. Think of this as the perfect mountain family retreat on Flagstaff Ranch Golf Course. This outdoor home features four bedrooms, four bathrooms and a three-car garage. The open floor plan boasts a large master bedroom with a walkout patio. The gourmet kitchen includes a range of Wolves and Subzero fridge and wet bar with beverage cooler. Best of all, the smart home is compatible with all the controls on your phone. The home is offered turnkey with top of the line furniture and appliances, championship golf, private dining, health club, tennis, pickleball, playground and swimming pool.

315 Acacia Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336: $ 1,435,000

Luxury real estate agents Jacque Weems and Jolynn Greenfield of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer and seller of this serene Sedona home. Its organic southwestern essence permeates the estate which is surrounded by an exquisite finish. Custom-built solid wood doors and hand-wrought iron torch fixtures help make this stunning Sedona Territorial home the perfect place to leave the hustle and bustle of city life for a view of the red rock shrouded in character. and distinction. This home is definitely meant for outdoor fun with yards and outdoor amenities to sit back and enjoy Sedona.

2306 N. Colter Drive, Flagstaff, AZ 86004: $ 1,375,000

Luxury real estate agent Charlotte Bamford of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer of this unique contemporary estate. This house has it all bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, an indoor basketball court and fire poles for the whole family. It has underfloor heating throughout the house and is hooked up for underfloor heating in the driveways for future hook-up. On top of all that this home has been completely updated with beautiful granite countertops, new cabinetry, new plumbing and light fixtures, new flooring and new paint. This location allows total serenity and a view of the forest and trails from your backyard. architectural designs allow the area to fill with natural light and showcase the custom designs. The inviting outdoor space provides an ideal location for entertaining while providing stunning views of Pinnacle Peak.

145 Avenida De Piedras, Sedona, AZ 86351: $ 1,250,000

Luxury real estate agent Joy Kim of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer of this magnificent estate. This exceptional custom home has quality features such as an attractive location with oversized land and spectacular views. The welcoming open concept living room features a kiva fireplace, handcrafted wood beams, and perfectly framed views with tall windows to enhance the Sedona experience. The beautifully natural environment includes breathtaking outdoor living spaces. This location includes easy access to three golf courses, excellent restaurants, local shops, unique stores, and spectacular hikes to Sedona’s landmarks.

20 Cliff View Court and 2445 Mule Deer Road, Sedona, AZ 86336: $ 1,100,000

Luxury real estate agents, Jim French and Anne French of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented the buyer of this magnificent estate. This estate comprises two plots in West Sedona with a large floor plan that will delight any guest as it shows towering ceilings and stunning glass windows to frame multiple views of the Red Rock! The main retreat slider opens to a private patio and spa tub with dual sinks, a separate shower, and a soaking tub for two. 26 inch travertine tile floors are installed in all high traffic areas and have carpeted floors in all bedrooms with knotty alder cabinetry, rich granite countertops which add a neutral flavor to this masterpiece. minimalist work.

249 Meadow Lark Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336: $ 1,100,000

Luxury real estate agent Lori Stewart of Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty represented both the buyer and seller of this magnificent home. Magnificent views and privacy can be embraced among the magnificent landscaping of the chapel area. This Cavanaugh home has been completely remodeled and features a gourmet kitchen featuring granite countertops with custom backsplash, stainless steel appliances, induction cooktop, warming drawer, steam oven, convection wall oven , an extra large and deep undercounter granite composite sink, soft close cabinets and drawers, a large island with a prep sink, seating and plenty of storage. All three bedrooms are generous in size, with large windows that bathe the rooms in light. The location speaks for itself, with mature vegetation, panoramic views and an established neighborhood, and the quality homes that surround this property.

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Construction career tech students complete two years of renovations on Mentor’s home – News-Herald


Students in Lake Shore Compact’s Construction Management Technology Career Program have been busy over the past two years completely renovating a three-bedroom home in Mentor and are now able to show the fruits of their labor.

Lake Shore Compact is a career technology consortium open to junior and senior high school students in Mentor, Euclid and Wickliffe school districts. The compact offers a wide variety of two-year program options ranging from culinary arts to criminal justice.

Since fall 2019, construction management students have been working hard to knock down a house in Mentor from top to bottom. Located at 8461 Markwood Drive, the newly modernized open concept home is the fifth home that construction program students have renovated over the years.

The organizers of the program held several open days so that visitors could tour the house and take a look at all the changes made by the students. The last open house will be from noon to 2 p.m. on November 21.

Before setting foot in the home improvement program, junior students earn Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety certifications and learn how to properly use construction tools during their first year. By the time they are older, construction students typically work on home renovations for a few hours each school day.

According to Joseph Glavan, director of Lake Shore Compact, nearly 50 students have had the opportunity to work on the house since it was purchased a few years ago for the program. When the students first arrived, the house still had the layout, wallpaper, and amenities dated from its construction in 1973.

The three bedroom, three bathroom home on Markwood Drive has been completely renovated. The students completely redesigned each bathroom, paying particular attention to installing a modernized shower in the main bathroom. (Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald)

Led by Construction Management Program Instructor Jim Capel and Class Assistant Mike Glodowski, the students installed all new flooring, stainless steel appliances, an island in the open plan kitchen and a two-storey rear terrace, which overlooks a stream that runs behind the house.

In addition, they renovated the three bathrooms and created a bar area in the courtyard with a stove.

Capel explained that when the group started working on the house in 2019, they discovered many issues with the house, including rotting around windows and doors. Students had to replace anything that was rotting with new fixtures, which took a long time to begin with.

“Originally we were going to finish this house in a year, because we usually do a house in a year, but then COVID hit – which was a blessing in disguise,” Capel said.

With the normal period of work on the house extended, Capel said students were able to take on more special projects to really help the house stand out, like the back patio and front stone walkway.

“We haven’t had to do some of these things, but I like to make things unique and different, and just give students as many opportunities as possible to find their niche,” he said.

The two story terrace attached to the remodeling house overlooks a patio and a stream that runs through the property. (Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald)

Many students have done just that. Some have found their specialty in electrical work, while others have enjoyed laying tiles, and some have become experts in pouring and smoothing concrete.

“They know how to work, which is a real blessing,” said Capel. “You can’t teach work ethics, and a lot of these kids in these programs love to work, and they really love using their hands. “

Vince Popik, Nick Smith, and Zach Sullivan were just a few of the Mentor High seniors who renovated the house, and the three agreed that they each found their own favorite – and least favorite – aspects of working on the House.

For Smith and Sullivan, transforming the look of an entire room in a day from installing new flooring was one of their favorite activities.

“Everything we’ve done here is new to me, I haven’t really done a lot of that before in my life,” Sullivan said. “Learning things now will help me in the future when I have my own house – instead of having to spend money to get other people to do things, I could do it myself.”

Mentor High School seniors Vince Popik (front), Nick Smith (middle) and Zach Sullivan (back) hang out in the outdoor kitchen and bar they helped create in the renovation house. (Sheena Holland Dolan – The News-Herald)

Popik, one of the students who undertook the complex process of creating the outdoor bar, which features smooth concrete counters, said he learned a lot from transforming the original patio into a unique kitchen space in the backyard. He said he hopes to continue working in a construction or landscaping field early in his career.

“It’s a good program, I really enjoyed it,” said Popik. “I can’t even explain all the things that you are learning and the things that I am going to undertake from here on out, and continue to build from that. “

The Markwood Drive home will be auctioned off on December 1, an event to be hosted at the home by Mentor Schools’ CFO Bill Wade. The auction is expected to start at $ 315,000, with the proceeds going towards the purchase of the next home that career technology students will renovate.

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Highland Prep West innovates in Avondale | New


Highland Prep West opened its new 42,285 square foot facility in Avondale on November 5. The new public charter high school is under construction on nearly 10 acres at 12235 W. Van Buren Street in Avondale.

The next generation of West Valley innovators and leaders will soon have a new space to learn, compete and grow. Highland Prep West opened a 42,285 square foot facility in Avondale on November 5.

Highland Prep West will occupy nearly 10 acres at 12235 W. Van Buren Street in Avondale. The new public charter high school will focus on providing a world-class STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) college preparatory high school experience for the students it serves.

“With a vision to nurture tomorrow’s STEM innovators and leaders, Highland Prep West’s educational approach is based on inquiry and collaboration, as we fully prepare our students to attend any college or university of four. years of their choice, ”said Jessica Alessio, director of Highland Prep West.

“What’s most exciting about the new campus is that we are located in the center of the South West Valley as a new STEM high school and there is no other charter high school. focused on studies in the region. “

Highland Prep West is the third Highland Prep school in the valley. Highland Prep in Surprise is at 15600 W. Hearn Road and Madison Highland Prep is in Phoenix at 1431 E. Campbell Avenue.

Facilities at Highland Prep West will include a full-size soccer field, basketball court, and three tennis / pickleball courts. Connected by a shaded two-level walkway, two buildings will house 18 classrooms, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, a chemistry lab, a fine arts room, changing rooms for boys and girls and a service kitchen.

“We are here to transform the educational landscape and spark change, innovation and reform,” said Dr Kerry Clark, Executive Director of Highland Prep. “In these times, we need strong, intelligent problem-solvers and people who want to change the world and make it a better place. This is who we are and this is what we do.

The building was designed by SPS + Architects, and Willmeng Construction will be the general contractor for the project. Work is expected to be completed on the project in time for the new school year starting in August.

A freshman class of 175 students will open Highland Prep West, and the school will add one class each year. Enrollment is expected to be around 600 students by the fourth year.

Alessio pointed out some features of the design of Highland Prep West, such as the community and communication stairs.

“Outside, our community stairs will serve as a gathering place for students where students live together as Highland Prep West Hornets,” said Alessio. “Indoors, our communication stairs will provide a space for students to collaborate in their learning while fostering a STEM mindset through inquiry-based learning opportunities.

Alessio also noted that the new facility will allow Highland Prep to reach more students drawn to the STEM educational model and give them the chance to have a full high school experience with opportunities to participate in athletics and beautiful -arts.

“With low student-teacher ratios and a plethora of athletic and extracurricular opportunities, our students are known as individuals and are nurtured in a safe and rigorous learning environment,” said Alessio.

“Students have a keen interest in STEM academics and extracurriculars, including Vex robotics, drone racing, engineering club, speeches and debates, etc. At Highland Prep West, students will have the opportunity to become agents of community change by participating in various clubs and volunteering experiences.

Additionally, Alessio said she was thrilled to be a part of the Avondale community.

“Everyone really hugged us with open arms, including our K comrades across 8 charters,” she said. “We are really excited to be part of a community that really wants to see our school thrive before we even innovate. So it’s really encouraging and just a really warm place to feel invited and already feel such a sense of community even though we’re so new.

Alessio said she wants students and families to know how important and exciting their role as the Hornets is.

“They are poised to play a pivotal role in creating and promoting the culture of who we want to be at Highland Prep West,” said Alessio.

“It is a unique experience to live as a young student. Most students don’t play a part in their high school’s dedication ceremony, and they’re not the first to set foot on a shiny brand new campus.

“Having this inaugural class, with no one else on campus with them, they have this opportunity to make campus exactly what they wanted to be, and I think it’s a really special opportunity for our students. and our families to be a part of it. “

Highland Prep West enrolls students until Friday, December 17th. After the deadline, students will be placed on a waiting list.

For more information, visit highlandprepwest.com.

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LGI Homes opens new community in Atlanta area with improved homes

Courtesy of LGI Homes

LGI Homes has announced the opening of its new community in the Atlanta market, Stone Crest Estate. Starting at $ 300,000, this new build neighborhood offers the space and upgrades families want with one and two story homes built on lots ranging from 0.4 to 1.9 acres.

Located in Fairburn, Stone Crest Estate is between GA-154 and GA-14. With quick access to Union City, South Fulton, and Atlanta, owners are a short drive from major employers such as Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Kraft Foods. Proximity to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and various area parks gives homebuyers more to expect in this location.

LGI Homes is building a line of upgraded single family homes in this community. Layouts range from 1,938 to 2,626 square feet and offer three to five bedrooms and two to two and a half baths, and some homes offer a basement option. Walk-in closets, spacious main retreats, and bonus rooms that can be used as home offices or game rooms are just a few other highlights.

The new Stone Crest Estate homes feature designer handpicked features only found in exclusive LGI communities. A full line of Whirlpool appliances, quartz countertops and 42 inch wood cabinetry are featured in every ready-to-use kitchen. Designer light fixtures, a programmable thermostat, and a Wi-Fi garage door opener add more modern amenities to every floor plan.

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DC Open House List for This Weekend


Now that it’s darker earlier and colder faster, it’s no secret that fall is in full swing in the DMV. While you might have to dodge random piles of leaves on your walk around town, there are still nearly 300 open houses planned for the district this weekend. Take a look at our favorites below and to see the full list of open houses, Click here.

  • 1312 Upshur Street NW # 1 – $ 799,000 – Petworth
    Open Sat 2 pm-4pm – Andres Serafini
    “WELCOME to this luxurious and spacious condo that offers outdoor living, perfect for entertaining. Upon entering the unit, you are greeted by tons of light and high ceilings to make way for a spacious floor plan. A newly remodeled custom home that boasts white atrium oak flooring throughout and quartz countertops with a waterfall island and high end Samsung appliances in the kitchen. The craftsmanship and thoughtful design of this gem is truly breathtaking. The kitchen opens onto the bright and full living and dining area. There is also a large terrace which overlooks the large fenced green space; there is also a reserved car park at the rear. Downstairs you will find the sun-drenched master bedroom with plenty of storage, an en-suite bathroom with double sinks and a private patio perfect for lounging. Both bedrooms are located towards the front of the house with a full bathroom down the hall. All electricity + plumbing system + appliances, HVAC systems, energy efficient windows, high efficiency LED lighting are brand new. All bathrooms feature cultured marble countertops, Delta Premium faucets, Kohler tubs, and frameless shower doors. Enjoy this thoughtfully laid out floor plan, perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Conveniently located near the Georgia Ave-Petworth metro station and countless restaurants and bars, including favorites like Hook Hall, Call your Mother Bagels, St. Vincent Wine Bar, Taqueria Habanero, Pho Viet and more! ”
  • 1034 Otis Street NE # 102 – $ 620,000 – University Heights
    Open sun. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. – Philip Martinez Nadal
    “This townhouse style home offers you the conveniences of condo living with a front door that lets you exit. All the goodness of a townhouse without shoveling or mowing. And if you want to get away from it all for real peace, climb up to the private rooftop for some fresh air right next to the treetops and city views.
  • 1545 18th Street NW # 715 – $ 424,900 – Cercle Dupont
    Open sun. 2 pm-4pm – DC Metro Houses
    “Live in the middle of the action in this light, bright, beautifully updated [1 BR/1 BA] condo at Dupont Est. Window walls offer spectacular views in all seasons, while the tastefully designed interior offers a globe of creature comfort.
  • 5025 Place Ayers SE – $ 599,999 – Marshall Heights
    Open sun. 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. – Arynne Crane
    “Bright and airy with its open concept and lots of natural light, this house will make you the envy of all your friends. The ambience of the beach will make you feel like you are on vacation every day. Sit on your foredeck and, due to your vantage point, look down on everyone.
  • 1279 Owen Place NE – $ 850,000 – Trinity
    Open Sat & Sun. 2 p.m.-4 p.m. – John Coleman
    “Recently renovated, this house makes life easy. Features include exposed brick, hardwood floors, gourmet kitchen (quartz countertops), pantry, and designer bathroom fixtures and fittings. With a master bedroom in the basement, parking and a fun outdoor space, you won’t find a more complete package!
  • 1514 17th Street NW # 311 – $ 255,000 – Cercle Dupont
    Open Sat 10 am-12pm – Shana Webb
    “You’ll love this large open plan studio on The Copley Plaza located in the heart of the coveted Dupont Circle, just steps from everything. Own a slice of history at a great price! This is the largest studio in the building and makes a perfect home away from home or a home away from home.

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