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renewable energy company on the ground floor of a revolutionary jet fuel development | News from local businesses


Global aviation produces 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and is among the most difficult sectors to mitigate as it is technically impossible to electrify long-haul aircraft on a large scale due to density issues power. Non-fossil fuel offers an immediate replacement to petrochemical alternatives without any modification to aircraft design or existing trade regulations.

“Global consumption of crude oil keeps increasing,” Agee said. “We need a long-term sustainable solution. If this sustainable solution also gives us a carbon footprint, it also solves the climate problem. There are a lot of different ways to do this. “

EFT, which was established in late 2007, is also working on a project with a company called Red Rock Biofuels, with a plant under construction in Oregon that would be the first in the world capable of using waste woody biomass as a feedstock for manufacture renewable products. jet fuels and diesel.

Woody biomass includes residues from the wood processing industry, post-consumer wood waste and agricultural residues.

“We have an offer going to raise funds so that this company (EFT) can build their own factories, mainly focused on using biogas or raw materials, but the back-end technology is the same,” said Kenneth. brother Mark Agee, vice president of development for EFT. “This is what puts us in the unique position of participating in many of these projects.

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