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“Scandinavians would be envious”: Innovative staircase design seduces Anand Mahindra

When it comes to using its platform to showcase ingenious ideas and innovations by ordinary people, Anand Mahindra takes the lead. Recently, the chairman of the Mahindra Group shared a unique staircase that he said would give Scandinavian designers a hard time.

Mahindra, who loves to inspire people by sharing original ideas, recently shared a video received in her #WhatsAppWonderbox. While it might be a little confusing to see a metal grating attached to a wall, looking like nothing more than a facade, its purpose is quickly revealed: it’s a collapsible staircase.

Demonstrating the design, a man opens a latch on the wall and pulls the frame which opens to form a staircase, with steps and a balustrade. The man then uses it to reach the upper floor and shows how strong it is. And finally, he folds it back against the wall in a quick movement.

Watch the video here:

“Besides decluttering the space, it actually adds an attractive aesthetic element to an otherwise austere exterior wall,” the business mogul said, calling the design “exceptional.” Adding that he wasn’t sure where the video came from, he concluded, “Should make Scandinavian designers jealous!”

Time and time again, Mahindra has taken the internet by storm not only by spotlighting this jugaad technology, but also by recognizing its innovators. to sponsor the training young innovators at give away cars to people showing their creations in Mahindra’s research labs, he likes to encourage creative minds online.