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Summit Petroleum added quality of life to Summit Center design


Oil companies have dotted Midland with office buildings to house their operations and employees.

Like these other companies, Summit Petroleum is building an office building. But unlike others, Summit’s plans also include a 4-acre park surrounded by offices, retail stores and restaurants.

When asked why the company incorporates green space and retail into its plans, Matt Johnson, President and COO of Summit, replied, “The answer lies in our desire to elevate our community and to try to improve the quality of life of our friends and neighbours. .”

He added: “Summit Petroleum needed a new office building and we could have only built that, but just another office building is not going to entice people to come here and call it home. “

Instead, Summit has begun construction of the Summit Center at 3200 Mockingbird Lane, a 20-acre site that will include a 4-acre park, retail stores and restaurants, and offices.

“The Permian Basin is a special place and for too long we’ve seen people take jobs in Austin, San Antonio and DFW because the amenities that those communities provide weren’t available here,” Johnson said. “With Summit Center, we hope to create a wonderful place for people to come and have fun with their friends and family and we also want to raise the bar on future construction projects in West Texas.”

The project was launched in December and the Summit Center is expected to open in the spring of 2024.

“We hope this will be the next step in setting a standard of vision and creativity for the built environment in Midland and Odessa,” Johnson said.

Summit Center LLC owns the project with Summit Petroleum as anchor tenant. Kristina Leigh is also an owner and design consultant. Rhotenberry Wellen is an architect, Dunaway Associates is a civil and landscape engineer, and Teinert Construction is a general contractor.