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The best bedside lamps under $200 for 2022

Suppose you want to regularly settle in bed with a book, puzzle or tablet before bed, appreciate a unique lamp design or mood in your decor, or have a partner you don’t want. not bother with overhead lights at night.

Then this guide is for you. Also, this guide might be useful if you have a medium to small bedroom with none or more than one bedside table and you want bedside lamps to light up your room at night.

Bedside lamp vs floor lamp
Bedside lamps, as their name suggests, are used in bedrooms; some also use them in living rooms and other commercial and residential settings, such as offices. Most bedside and floor lamps come with flared shades at the base to allow for efficient lighting.

Bedside lamps are usually short as they are meant to be placed on your bedside table and easily accessible from where you are lying in bed. Also, bedside lamps are usually used for reading books, magazines or keeping a diary before sleeping.

Modern bedside lamps have artificial intelligence that lets you control lighting remotely or charge your phone with a dedicated USB port. It’s a good idea to avoid large, bulky lamps in your bedroom as you’ll struggle to make them take up much space; unless you have an extra large table on the side.

Streetlights are what they sound like; they are taller than bedside lamps and feature a wide base and a shade similar to a bedside lampshade. They also come in the form of a barrel or drum; the shade is narrow at the top and widens as you go down.

Floor lamps are ideal for illuminating large rooms because the light is illuminated both downwards and from the sides. Modern floor lamps also feature contemporary design and enhancements like a solid base that make them effective.

If you’re minimalist, consider using a tall, slim floor lamp with a sturdy base.

It is important to note that you can use a floor lamp as a bedside lamp by placing it in an accessible and suitable place, especially if you have a small room.

Adjustable vs Fixed
As far as positioning goes, some bedside lamps are meant to be wall mounted; this means that they are stationary and you won’t need a bedside table, especially if you have a small bedroom.
Fixed lamps give your room more space.

However, being mounted and fixed to the wall does not mean that they are not adjustable – their arms can still be adjusted to certain angles.

Lighting can also be adjustable or fixed. Most traditional type bedside lamps have fixed lighting. If you need to change their lighting, use lighter or darker shades that help filter the light, or use more or less bright bulbs to suit your taste.

On the other hand, most modern lamps have special characteristics that make their lighting fixed or adjustable thanks to certain technologies.

Some use a smart switch button, while others can be controlled using apps on your phone.