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The Bissell SpinWave robot vacuum cleaner is $ 154 off


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The Bissell Robot Broom Vacuum is the only smart home cleaning gadget you’ll need this holiday season and beyond. Whether you’re getting ready to entertain the family or cleaning up after your pets, your entire home is covered with 130 minutes of battery life. Oh, and reviews confirm it’s really quiet, which means you can work, watch TV, and spend some quality family time while it’s happening, with no distractions.

Buy it! Bissell SpinWave Wet and Dry Robotic Vacuum, $ 245.99 (Orig. $ 399.99); amazon.com

In vacuum mode, the robot has an impressive suction power of 1500 Pa to remove dirt, hair, dust bunnies, etc. It is designed with two edge brushes to remove forgotten messes in corners and along walls. You’ll also love that the internal brush roll loosens debris on tile, hardwood floors, and low pile carpet.

When you’re ready to wipe down, simply swap the dry cleaning tank system to the wet cleaning tank system, fill it with cleaning solution, and press Start (on the device or on your phone). The wet tank system uses two machine washable mop pads that easily scrub and polish sticky and muddy messes. It even has a smart sensor that prevents it from going on the carpet, so you won’t have wet carpets for hours.

Whether you are mopping or vacuuming, the Bissell SpinWave cleans your floors in rows, so there won’t be missing a stain. Plus, unlike older robot vacuums, this one has a cliff detection sensor to prevent it from falling down stairs. And when the cleaning is done, it heads to the docking station to recharge.

“Whether the cat has knocked over a plant or I just need to sweep all animal hair around the house daily, this thing is my favorite buy from the past. several yearsOne Amazon buyer wrote. He’s a treasured member of the family now, and we’ve dubbed him Mr. Clean. “

“We love this robot vacuum! Another wrote. “Rotating skates are a game-changer for Actually clean floors, as opposed to a pad spreading over the floor. We love the mop to avoid carpets and rugs, and there’s nothing better than put down and forget. You can also set a cleaning schedule if you want it to clean at a certain time, and the app is super easy to use! We already love our Bissell Cordless Mop, but it’s another product we can take advantage of that we don’t have to think about. “

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