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The demolition of East St. School will take place in the coming weeks | News, Sports, Jobs

Times Observer photo by Josh Cotton The city’s Destroyed Property Review Committee learned Thursday that the former East St. School is scheduled for demolition in the coming weeks.

The movement on the demolition of the old East St. School is only weeks away.

The old school at 104 W. Third Ave. was one of several properties the city’s Destroyed Property Review Board filed an action on at Thursday’s meeting.

Zoning and ordinance officer Scott Saylor said he met the demolition contractor on site when the sewer was disconnected. The contractor told him that the height of the building will require the addition of a crane and a wrecking ball.

The lead time for this equipment was one to two weeks.

“We are approaching the deadline within this one to two week period”, Taylor said. “I am satisfied with the progress made by Mr. Huck (the owner). After many years, we come to a conclusion about this.

The committee filed an action on a bane designation until January to allow the demolition to proceed first.

A lawsuit was also filed against 104 Water St., 21 Glade Ave. and 211 Monroe St.

With the Water St. property — which is commercial property — Taylor said the owner found a contractor and there was a “large amount of bric-a-brac” which will be removed from the structure.

“The design is already underway”, he said, although he said a timetable cannot be provided at this stage. “The only thing the public will see (are) boarded up windows. You will see movement.

Committee member Maurice Cashman asked what the intended purpose of the building was.

Taylor said the plan is for a studio, “large open space” on the first floor with living areas on the second third floor.

The committee adopted a plague designation against 1103 Spring St.

Taylor said he had contact with the deceased owner’s daughter, but said “all that correspondence has stopped.

“The condition of the property has not changed at all,” he said. “(I see) no other direction to go with this property…no other hope of finding a reasonable solution for this property.”

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