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The yeedi vac 2 pro is more convenient than you can imagine

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Worrying about the mess on your floor never did anyone any good. In fact, taking care of it is what will make your worries go away. But having to drag the vacuum or mop and bucket around to really get the best cleaning on your floors is time-consuming and downright annoying. For those who don’t have the time to commit to frequent house cleaning, there is a simple solution. The yeedi vac 2 pro is convenient for cleaning and vacuuming.

It offers lots of cool features and is incredibly user-friendly. Plus, Yeedi app controls are designed for easy scheduling. I had the chance to test it out to see how well it cleans. See general thoughts on the yeedi vac 2 pro below.

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Unboxing the yeedi vac 2 pro

Robot vacuum avoiding a shoe
yeedi vac 2 pro avoiding a shoe. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

You will receive the yeedi vac 2 pro with oscillating cleaning kits, cleaning pads, charging station, cleaning brush and plug-in cords. Once you have downloaded the yeedi app (I already had it because I have used yeedi products before), you can register your vacuum and connect it to your Wi-Fi. The device must be charged before using it. use, but once you’ve charged it up and installed the cleaning brush, you’ll be ready to vacuum. You need to set up your home layout, which only takes a few clicks in the app.

Wash and vacuum

It includes an oscillating cleaning system as well as a vacuum with strong suction power of 3000 Pa. Having them both allows you to get rid of really stuck-on stains simultaneously. I spilled some juice on the floor and used the app to draw a box around the area for it to go. I mopped it a few times and it handled it easily. There were also crumbs in the area, so it sucked them up too. I have hardwood floors, so being able to use the oscillating mop system has made floor maintenance much easier.

The oscillating cleaning system mimics the way a human would wipe a floor. Yet it does it five times faster than any human could wipe. So it’s not about dragging a wet rag across the floor. It is in fact to completely clean the floor. Rather than vacuuming and then mopping a floor with two separate machines, this took care of both jobs. I can free up space in my closet by getting rid of my mop and free-standing vacuum.

I made sure to drop some crumbs near a rug. When he was mopping the floor, he wouldn’t go near the rug. But once he vacuumed, he used stronger suction to handle the carpet. There was dog hair on my carpet, as there always is. The stronger suction helped collect it and get rid of it quickly.

More features of yeedi vac 2 pro

Clean up a mess
The yeedi vac 2 pro cleans sunflower seeds. Image source: Chris Hachey for BGR

The 3D obstacle avoidance is also impressive. He avoids objects like shoes, dog toys, bags, etc. He senses that there is something ahead of him and works around it. Shortly after adjusting its trajectory, it readjusts and continues on the set plane to vacuum. There were shoes on my floor that he avoided (seen above). This is a huge time saver for anyone using it, as there is no longer any need to clean the floor before vacuuming. This is a huge plus for someone like me, who has a dog that leaves toys everywhere.

This also detects a cliff and turns right, making it ideal for use around stairs. This is compatible with a self-draining station (sold separately), which means it will empty when full. It’s a huge time saver for those who program their vacuum cleaner to run when they may not be around. It also comes with a ramp that you can attach to the bottom of the auto dump station in case you want to keep it on carpet. This helps the vacuum rise to empty. All you need is a few screws, supplied with the screwdriver, to assemble the station.

It has a 2.5 liter dust container, so it takes a while for it to fill up. But when it’s full, it goes to the station to empty. This locks dirt in place for 30 days. The yeedi vac 2 pro provides smart visual mapping and cleans your home in neat rows. The navigation works very well, as it identifies effective cleaning paths without missing any spots. You can use it on wood, laminate, tile and carpet.

Prices and updates

The yeedi vac 2 series includes both the yeedi vac 2 pro and the yeedi vac 2. You can see the differences between the two machines below.

The yeedi vac 2 pro is fresh on the market and costs just $449.99. You can buy it from Amazon, Walmart or yeedi.com. There is also a surprise coupon you can clip on the product page right now to enjoy a discount. The Yeedi app lets you customize your cleaning and it takes almost no time to master. This means you can designate specific areas to clean, map your home, and schedule it to run whenever you want. There will also be two functional updates in the future, as you can merge your cleaning plan and split it by June and store multiple floor plans by mid-autumn. This purchase will grow with you and your home.

For those looking to make their home life easier, the yeedi vac 2 pro is a solid buy. Upgrade your cleaning system today.

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