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This Beautiful Brutalist Miami Home Is Raised On Stilts To Combat Rising Sea Levels

Designed by Rene Gonzalez, this extraordinary Brutalist home was designed as a vacation home for a client living in a colder climate most of the year. Billed as the Prairie Residence, the house was created to tackle the serious problem of rising sea levels in Miami. The threat of sea level rise has increased dramatically in Miami in recent years, which is why the city is focusing heavily on raising streets and imposing rules that require private properties to be placed at a higher level. This house was raised on stilts and is inspired by the mangrove forests whose roots allow the easy flow of water. These measures are intended to protect the house from flooding.

Designate: Rene Gonzalez

By adding gardens, parking spaces and storage to the ground floor, the architect ensured that the living spaces were at a higher level, providing protection for the residents during floods and storms. hurricanes, while offering some privacy from the usual bustle. from the city. In fact, in the early 1800s, the Seminole Indians of Florida used similar techniques to raise their Chickee huts, to resist damp soil and vermin. Nearly a century later, in the 1930s and 1940s, a raised house community called Stiltsville was built above the water in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. These were all used as sources of inspiration for the Prairie Residence, and it is truly interesting to see how Gonzalez fused traditional techniques with modern living.

The interiors of the house are raw, brutalist and breathtaking. It’s a sprawling and impressive space with polished concrete floors. The elevated living space floats above a sculptural garden of tropical vegetation, which not only provides drainage, but functions as an ever-changing natural feature with water levels. Floor-to-ceiling windows are also used to create a fascinating indoor-outdoor connection.

The kitchen has a rather minimal and clean aesthetic, as it has been entirely covered with reflective metal panels. This creates an interesting contrast to the rather down-to-earth vibe of the rest of the house. The master bedroom is double height and features built-in concrete furniture and intricate recessed wall detailing.

A long swimming pool surrounded by lush vegetation forms a charming garden space. This is a private section. You can access the interior of the house through a grated metal walkway, which serves as a subtle link between the interior and the exterior.

The house is a one-of-a-kind specimen with its sloping concrete walls, soaring aura and abundance of organic vegetation. Light streams generously into the home at all times of the day, and the elevated living room functions as a rather private oasis in the city of Miami.