Floor plan

This electric catamaran erases the limits of the imagination: offers a safe and livable home on land and water

How many times have your camping adventures come to a halt on shore just because your RV wasn’t amphibious? Considerable options combining the advantages of the boat and the motorhome have already appeared on the markets and now Caracat – a smart, safe and environmentally friendly motorhome / boat combo – has put forward, challenging the best options with freedom of use on land, sea and lake.

Manufactured with pleasure and commitment to provide discerning users with a safe, livable home they can take anywhere, including on the water; the Caracat is destined to make the dream come true. The vessel knows no bounds: it can with equal ease tow behind your vehicle on land and instantly go far into the sea water to allow you to spend a night or two with ease. This is deemed possible by the extendable pontoon system (hulls) on board, which creates a stable 3.7m wide footprint on the water and electronically folds down to 2.5m for effortless towing on land. .

Designate: Caracat

This seamless transition from a boat to a motorhome or vice versa is the feat of Caracat. It’s powered by a quiet electric motor and has camper-friendly essentials inside, such as convertible furniture, solar panels and a sunroof. The interesting finished layout of the Caracat is complemented exceptionally by the well-organized interior of the open floor plan. The comfortable space for up to four people includes convertible sofas aft and forward. Compatible with a sunroof, the catamaran opens up space for two additional people. Good for a group/family of 6, the Caracat has full provisions to keep residents entertained. To that end, it features a retractable smart TV and a powerful wireless audio system.

Designed with the idea of ​​more in less space, this incredible home offers comparable comfort on land and water. It can be used by anyone with a class B driver’s license. The incredible Caracat completely erases the limits of the imagination, it leaves humans the ability to explore and discover new dimensions!