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This vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces is broken down into 4 parts to save storage space!

H5 is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner designed for small spaces that can be broken down into four parts that fit into a compact loading bin for easy storage.

While living tiny is all the rage these days, it takes some skill to keep small urban spaces clean. Especially when you live in an old building or with animals, vacuuming becomes a daily chore. While vacuuming in small spaces is quick, storing a bulky vacuum cleaner becomes a nuisance just as quickly. To keep small spaces clean without having to store large cleaning devices, industrial designer Yipeng Zhu came up with a space-saving multifunctional vacuum cleaner called the H5 that shrinks to almost a quarter of its height.

H5 maintains an overall slim build when put together and when taken apart so that it doesn’t take up too much storage space. When taken apart, the H5 breaks down into four parts and fits into a charging case that can easily slip behind any table or into the closet to free up floor space.

When users want to use the vacuum cleaner, assembling H5 is as easy as assembling any other vacuum cleaner. The main hose connects via a telescopic tube where the suction head is also easily attached. Equipped with modular parts, H5 comes with three different suction heads that can be swapped for various cleaning needs.

A cylindrical brush is ideal for cleaning dustballs and stubborn stains from carpets. While the other two rectangular heads are available in two different sizes to fit tight corners and behind doors. Even the hose and hose of the H5 have a narrow cylindrical shape to ensure they can fit under the bed and even under the fridge to pick up dust which is harder to reach with traditional and bulky vacuums.

A solid collection of electric cleaners is essential for small living spaces, especially when you live in a large city. However, the majority of most electrical devices are designed for larger homes, prioritizing small technical details over versatility and portability.

H5 is a vacuum that can fit into the smallest of crawl spaces (or literally anywhere there’s room) when not in use and whose small assembled size allows it to reach the tightest corners. difficult to access your apartment during cleaning.

Designer: Yipeng Zhu

Intuitive controls and signals are featured throughout the construction of the H5.

H5 comes with three different brush heads to ensure the perfect tool for every cleaning job.

The compact charging case is small enough to fit in any corner or closet.

Reduced to what appears to be a third of the H5’s assembled height, the charging case is the ultimate space saver.

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